This Retired School Bus is an Amazing Home for Full-Time RVers

Thanks to the large amount of space they offer, retired school buses have long been popular options for RV conversion projects. When fully gutted, a “skoolie’s” interior becomes a blank canvas, allowing owners to build out their dream camper with few limitations. And as you’ll see in the video above, these often nondescript vehicles can actually be surprisingly luxurious and comfortable.

The subject of the video is a small school bus owned by a full-time RVing couple named Shaina and Max. They purchased the vehicle a few years back and converted it into a camper for use while traveling the country. It serves not only as their mobile home but also as their office for working on the road.

From the outside, the bus doesn’t look like much. After purchasing it, the couple replaced the vehicle’s original yellow paint job with white, which gives it a somewhat generic look. They also added a wooden deck and a few solar panels to the roof, although neither of those features stands out much to passing vehicles.

school bus rv conversion

Photo Credit: New Jersey Outdoor Adventures

But once you move inside the skoolie, it’s hard not to be impressed. The ample living space includes sleeping quarters, of course, along with a wet bath and a dedicated office area. A well-appointed kitchen features a couch that converts into a dinette, a three-burner stove, oven, single-basin sink, and a small refrigerator. Slide-out pantries and wooden cupboards provide ample storage space, but the bus also has a gear garage tucked away under the bedroom.

The bus has been updated with vinyl flooring, custom-made window screens, and a nearly-silent generator that provides power to the onboard air conditioner. The couple can also plug into 30-watt shore power while at a campsite, although the vehicle is well-designed for living off the grid.

The video tour shows off the level of craftsmanship and design that went into building this custom camper. Shaina and Max have used the interior space incredibly well, and their home-on-wheels is impressively put together. They’ve put their limited square footage to good use, creating a warm and inviting RV.

Watch the clip above to get the full details on this short-bus conversion.

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