The Newest Camping Trend Is . . . Fancy Ice?

Going camping in the middle of the summer can be fun and full of memories with your loved ones and favorite friends. It can also be hot, humid, and downright uncomfortable at times, especially in certain areas of the country. 

But fear not campers; there’s a new trend that’s sure to make its way to the camping community—or at least the glamping community—soon, and that would be luxury ice. 

Let’s break it down.

This year, ice- and water-related internet trends have included ice drawer tours and “Watertok” in which Tiktok users mix a variety of flavor packets and syrups into their reusable water bottles to create flavored water. Though this isn’t quite the same, luxury ice seems to be the next big thing. 

Companies like Gläce Luxury Ice are building businesses in this new market, claiming their ice is way better because it maximizes beverages by keeping them cold and limiting the dilution of the drink’s flavor and quality. Disco Cubes is another growing brand in the industry. This company creates botanical and custom ice cubes for your events. Though luxury ice cubes decorated by company logos have been common at high-end parties for a while, luxury ice is now beginning to make its way into the mainstream.

While aesthetics and creature comforts don’t traditionally play a very important role in the traditional camping community, we do see how ice that keeps food and beverages colder longer and doesn’t dilute your drinks could be a hit among campers and glampers. When you’re sitting around the campsite in the full sun of midday enjoying something on the rocks, traditional ice melts fast—sometimes no matter how good your tumbler is. Could “fancy ice” be the answer?