The Millers Talk About The Full-Time RV Lifestyle

The Millers Talk About The Full-Time RV Lifestyle

Meet Full-Time RV Gurus: Rae and Jason Miller

Before the pandemic hit and the full-time RV lifestyle became so popular, a couple from Woodland Hills, California quit their jobs and drove off in an RV to discover the nation. Along with their pooch, Carmen, Jason and Rae Miller (a.k.a. Getaway Couple) set off on an adventure over five years ago that continues on. They have traveled to 49 states and plan on marking the last one off their bucket list in 2023. 

Though the idea has played out in the movies, it became a reality for this couple. They completely changed their day-to-day lifestyle and began living their dream by taking to the open road. Where and when that road ends has yet to be considered, as Rae and Jason have lots more traveling in mind. They have no plans to slow down the full-time RV lifestyle.

Q&A Session With The Getaway Couple

I asked the Millers a few questions about their journey and have listed the Q&A below. Their story is full of adventure, fun, and inspiration for those who dream of never-ending adventures on the roads. 

Q: Why did you decide to full-time RV? Was it a lengthy process to arrange?

A: We originally wanted to travel overseas for a year and were putting plans in place to do that. While researching the full-time travel lifestyle, we came across RVing. We fell increasingly in love with the idea of traveling full-time in an RV because we could bring our dog, work from the road, travel longer than a year, and explore our beautiful country. It took us about a year from deciding to travel in an RV to hitting the road. 

Q: Do you have a region or state you’ve enjoyed the most?

A: This is such a tricky question for us! While each state has its own character and uniqueness, we have a few favorites we love returning to. Michigan is a state we camp in every summer. We also love free camping in the West; Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado just can’t be beat. 

Q: And, as Alaska is the last state of your travels, do you plan to stay there awhile? If not, where does the adventure take you next?

A: We are shooting to do Alaska during the summer of 2023. We would love to maximize our time there, but that depends on the weather. The goal is to have that trip last from May to early September. As for travel plans after that, we’re hoping to broaden our adventures overseas! Iceland and New Zealand are at the top of our list.

RVers Rae and Jason Miller sitting outside their RV door with their dog enjoying watermelon

Advice from the Millers

Q: If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently? What mistakes did you learn from at the beginning of your full-time RV lifestyle?

A: If we were starting this adventure over, we wish we knew to travel slower. A fast-paced trip around the US gets exhausting quickly. Burnout can creep up quickly when you’re moving week after week.

We made so many mistakes initially, but that’s part of the RV lifestyle! We always tell newbies that mistakes are inevitable; how you handle them makes or breaks the trip.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone on the brink of switching to a full-time RV life?

A: Don’t forget that this is a lifestyle, not a vacation. It’s important to find a routine on the road, don’t overspend, and pace yourself to avoid burnout. Other than that, be sure to enjoy every moment! You’re giving yourself and your family a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Many miles and experiences, and a few bumps in the road later, the Millers continue on their journey. They are highly-respected ambassadors via their popular blogYouTube channel, and travel book. There have also been numerous articles and videos about the couple. Their story might just inspire those unsure whether to take the plunge into the full-time RV lifestyle.

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