The Best Solo Stove Deals of 2023

The best Solo Stove deals of Prime Day 2022
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We found the best Solo Stove deals on fire pits for tabletops, traveling, and your backyard. Temps are starting to drop and you’ll want to take advantage of these deals before tailgating, hunting, and ski season begin. Smokeless fire pits allow you and your guests to crowd around a roaring fire without billowing black smoke in your face. Now you can all get cozy for less. Solo Stove’s smokeless fire pits, bundles, and accessories are up to 40 percent off.

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Best Solo Stove Deals

The Best Solo Stove Deals of 2023
The Solo Stove Mesa is a petite but powerful smokeless tabletop fire pit. Justin La Vigne


Key Features

  • 5.1 inches wide by 6.8 inches high
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless steel, ceramic
  • Dual Fuel capability
  • Signature 360° Airflow

The Mesa and Mesa XL are tabletop smokeless fire pits perfect for warmth, marshmallow toasting, and ambiance. Place the Mesa on its included stand for tabletop warmth and flickering flames. You can burn pellets or wood and roast up to four marshmallows at a time. Now, it’s $50 off. To complete your set try the also discounted mini oak firewood pack and Mesa accessory pack. The pre-cut wood means you don’t have to worry about collecting kindling or chopping wood to size to start enjoying your pit. The Mesa accessory pack includes mini mallow-roasting sticks and rests and a pellet scoop and lid.


Key Features

  • 15 inches wide by 12.5 inches high
  • Weight: 15 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless steel

Perfectly sized, the Ranger is Solo Stove’s most portable fire pit. Take this smokeless fire pit to any tailgate or campsite for an upgraded smokeless campfire experience. It’s only 15 pounds and comes with a carry bag. Plus, the ash pan makes clean up even easier for transport.

Bonfire 2.0

Key Features

  • 19.5 inches wide by 14 inches high
  • Weight: 23.3 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless steel

This Goldilocks sized fire pit is one of the best Solo Stove deals. The Bonfire 2.0 is one of their best sellers. Bonfire 2.0 accessory kits are also on sale so you can make the most of your Solo Stove by grilling, relaxing, and traveling. There’s plenty of room to cook over and it’s still relatively portable. With the Backyard Bundle you get a bonfire shield, stand, lid and shelter in addition to your fire pit and carrying case. An Ultimate Bundle includes all of that plus tools, roasting sticks, and a handle.


Key Features

  • 27 inches wide by 17 inches tall
  • Weight: 41.6 pounds
  • Materials: Stainless steel

The best Solo Stove deals are on the Yukon. Now you can take over $300 off the fire pit and $710 off the Yukon Ultimate Bundle. The Yukon won best overall in our test of smokeless fire pits. It fits logs up to 22 inches and is the perfect size for four to six people. It’s a worthy investment if you plan to get the most of your outdoor space this fall.

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Q: Are Solo Stoves actually worth it?

Smokeless fire pits are one of the best backyard accessories. It makes hosting a bonfire easy and fun without one side continuously scooting out of the smoke. Solo Stove makes durable and efficient smokeless fire pits that make entertaining and cooking fun. If you want to enjoy crisp fall air, instead of black smoke, Solo Stoves are worth the investment.

Q: Can you leave Solo Stove outside?

Yes, you can leave your Solo Stove outside. Though I would recommend one of the best Solo Stove deals on a Shelter or Station to store your fire pit.

Q: How do I choose a Solo Stove?

We found the best Solo Stove deals on multiple size fire pits. To determine the best one for you, think of what you’ll use it for most. If you want tabletop ambiance and fresh s’mores opt for the Mesa. If you plan on taking your stove campsite to campsite, go with the Ranger. Otherwise, the Yukon is perfect for hosting big groups and grilling up dinner.

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Final Thoughts

Smokeless fire pits are one of the best backyard investments. Get your outdoor space set up for fall with one of the best Solo Stove deals on fire pits, bundles, and accessories. Tailgating, camping, and ski season are just around the corner. Find the best smokeless fire pit for you:

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