The Best 12 Running Caps for Year-Round Comfort and Style

Best Running Visor: Ciele Athletics FSTVisor

Visor style isn’t known to be cool, but wearing one is a great way to shade your eyes and manage a sweaty brow while dumping heat off the top of your head. Ciele brought all these features to its FSTVisor, and managed to bring good-looking prints to a design that doesn’t scream “country club.”

Material: COOLmatic, Repreve

Fit Adjustment: strap and buckle

UPF Rating: 40+


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a running hat?

Running hats have lots of purposes. Primarily, they provide extra protection from the sun and elements, with a brim that shades the eyes. Running hats can also be ideal for people with long hair, and they can provide extra warmth in colder conditions.

What are the benefits of wearing a running hat?

A running hat can provide extra protection for the eyes, preventing fatigue, especially over long periods of time. They can also act as a light layer on the head and provide some protection from rain and, again, sun protection for the top of the head. Good running hats also act as a sweatband, diverting perspiration away from the eyes. We also think running hats are stylish, and there’s something to be said for that.

What is the best running hat for winter?

The best running hat for winter will depend on where you live and run and what the conditions are typically like. If you’re in a very cold, snowy place, you might opt to run in a beanie. If winter conditions are milder where you run, you can get away with a hat that has some extra ear coverage, or a headband.