The Adventure Sports Podcast Talks Finding Local Adventure in February and Looks at Crossing the Northwest Passage in March

The Adventure Sports Podcast kicked off this year with its 1,000th episode. Now, the podcast continues its tradition of tackling unique stories in the outdoor space. February’s episodes inspire people to get outside in places people that don’t always make the Instagram highlight reel. Plus, Adventure Sports Podcast host Mason Gravley shares his formula for adventure.

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Let’s look back at February’s episodes and see what’s ahead in March.

A Look Back at February

Ep. 1004: The Ohio Project – Alison Alsup

Alison Alsup inspires anyone who doesn’t live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains or without access to the epicness of the Pacific Northwest. Alsup was born and raised in Ohio, and she’s made it her mission to explore her home state in any way possible. 

Ep. 1006: Paddling the Intracoastal Waterway – Heather Bolint

Heather Bolint has seen the world on her adventures. Whether that’s hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, or paddling the Everglades Wilderness Waterway, her latest adventure and the focus of this podcast is Bolint’s paddling of the Intracoastal Waterway through Georgia and Maine. The journey is emotional, as Bolint’s adventure was in remembrance of her father.

Ep. 1007: My Adventure Formula – Mason Gravley

In this special episode, the Adventure Sports Podcast host dives into what motivates him to get outdoors. Gravely is open about the struggle of adventuring when you have a career, family and kids. In this episode, he discusses his mindset and how he finds time to feed his need to get out in the wild. 

Ep. 1008: Florida Trail FKT – Hunter Leininger

Setting an FKT is a challenging feat. In this episode, Hunter Leininger discusses his attempt to set a new FKT, also known as the fastest known time, on the Florida Trail. The 1,100-mile trek takes him through swamps, sand, and past plenty of mosquitos. 

Coming Up in March

March 4: 

Caroline Paul is the twin sister of Baywatch actress Alexandra Paul. While one sister is on the big screen, Caroline focuses on real-life adventures. Paul has hosted a TED Talk and written an inspiring book to motivate women to explore the outdoors.

March 11: West Hansen

West Hansen and a team of kayakers crossed the Northwest Passage for the first time in a single trip. The journey has only recently been possible with the planet’s warming, but when they’re paddling across the Arctic Circle, there are plenty of challenges. Hansen, a 61-year-old social worker, shares more about the journey that took 100-plus days to complete.

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