The 12 Down Pants for Cold Weather Adventures

Fjällräven x Specialized Thermo Shorts

We get that a pair of quilted, insulated shorts may seem paradoxical at first glance, but seeing as these two brands came together for a collection of bikepacking gear and apparel gives it a bit more context for their use case. The ultralight shorts benefit two-wheel adventurers by taking up less space when packed away in stuff sacks or bike bags then providing just enough extra warmth when temps begin to drop at camp. Traveling by foot? They’ll definitely do the trick layered over hiking pants, too.

Women’s Option: Unisex sizing
Size Range: S-XL
Insulation: Recycled Polyester
Shell Material: 100% recycled polyamide

Weight: NA

$180 at Specialized

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best down pants?

The answer to that question really relies on your intended use. The Fjällräven shorts suit bikepacking adventurers, while Arc’teryx could be overdoing it for anyone but high-alpine climbers. If we were to suggest a best all-around down pant, we’d recommend Snow Peak’s Flexible Insulated Pants for their easy-wearing style and synthetic insulation.

What are the advantages of down pants?

Wearing tights, long underwear, and base layers only go so far to provide additional warmth, but the loft of insulation in a pair of down pants traps your body’s heat around your legs on even the most bitter cold days. Exterior fabrics are also wind resistant, and synthetic options will still keep you warm even when wet, making puffer pants ideal as an outer layer.

What are the disadvantages of down pants?

For some, any one of these insulated pants may be too warm of an option. If you plan on wearing them during high-exertion activities, then we’d recommend a pair of more breathable fleece pants.Some down pants also lack a fly, so accessibility is limited.