Take a Video Tour of this Swanky Ram ProMaster Camper Van

It’s amazing what talented designers and builders can do with the interior of a camper van these days. Experienced DIYers can take an empty vehicle and turn it into an upscale living space that resembles a tiny home on wheels. In some instances, those van conversions can even rival much larger motorhomes in terms of features and amenities.

Case in point, the fantastic Ram ProMaster conversion from Moonlit Campers featured in the video above. It uses clever techniques to make the most of the space provided, creating a comfortable environment for relaxing, sleeping, and preparing and eating meals.

Among the highlights are two stowaway beds that allow the van to sleep up to four people comfortably. The first of those beds comes in the form of a u-shaped lounge that converts into a mattress when it comes time to turn in for the night. A second bed lowers from the ceiling when needed, creating a cozy and comfortable sleeping area. Both beds have access to their own USB charging ports and LED lighting while still providing a measure of privacy.

Ram ProMaster Camper Van

Photo Credit: Moonlit Campers

When not used as a bed, the comfy-looking lounge can accommodate five people and is an excellent place to relax and enjoy a meal. Opening the rear doors improves access to the interior and provides better airflow while offering views of the campsite. The space under the cushioned seats serves as storage, with a slide-out drawer that holds a surprising amount of gear.

The van comes with a hideaway bathroom complete with cassette toilet, sink, and shower. It also has a small kitchen equipped with an induction stove and washbasin. A water heater is tucked away inside one of the cupboards, while a 350-watt solar array is installed on the roof.

For more information on this vehicle and other camper van conversions, visit the Moonlit Campers website and Instagram account.

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