Spartan RV Chassis Introduces the Tri-Pod Steering Wheel

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Spartan RV Chassis’ Tri-Pod Steering Wheel in a Foretravel motorhome. (Courtesy photo)

Spartan RV Chassis, a Shyft Group brand, has introduced a sophisticated new hub for driving features and instrumentation that enhances safety and convenience by placing the controls firmly at the driver’s fingertips. The Charlotte, Michigan-based company previously had a dual-pod system with controls on the left and right sides of the steering wheel, but this new product, the Tri-Pod Steering Wheel, adds an additional pod to the lower portion of the wheel, raising the number of possible control functions from 14 to 23.

“The Tri-Pod handles all types of functionality, from picking up or hanging up your phone to engine braking controls,” said President of Shyft Specialty Vehicles Steve Guillaume. “We’ve let our customers kind of decide what is the best fit for them as it relates to what they’d like to have on the pod based upon feedback from their end-user base.”

Having controls right on the steering wheel removes distractions and allows users to keep their eyes on the road. The Tri-Pod Steering Wheel’s features and configuration differ between motorcoach manufacturers, but can include things such as windshield wiper controls, phone and media controls, steering assist functions, graphic instrument cluster navigation, cruise control, and more. Now standard on certain 2023 Entegra, Foretravel and Newmar motorcoach models, the Tri-Pod integrates with Spartan’s 15-inch anti-glare digital dash, which is custom-designed for the RV customer to meet their specific display and operational needs. The digital dash can also receive Newmar notifications from the Spartan RV Chassis Advanced Protection System, a suite of comprehensive safety technology.

Steve Guillaume

The Tri-Pod Steering Wheel is just the latest in a series of Spartan RV Chassis technologies engineered exclusively for Class A luxury motorcoaches. In May, the brand launched Premier Drive, a proprietary chassis system that delivers superior handling for the ultimate luxury ride. The system features an all-new Independent front suspension, complete with custom-tuned shocks for bump absorption and “best-in-class” wheel cut for outstanding maneuverability.

“We believe luxury means safety,” said Guillaume. “You should never have to sacrifice one for the other. Introducing new innovations like the Tri-Pod Steering Wheel and our Premier Drive proprietary chassis system is part of how we deliver on our mission of providing systems and solutions that give our customers peace of mind, so they can enjoy the journey as much as the destination.”

One of Spartan’s goals as a manufacturer is to take technology released for high-end luxury vehicles and bring it to luxury motorhome chassis’, according to Guillaume. That has translated into some of their innovations for a better ride and handling, as well as two other features they recently added for the Class A diesel space: a heated steering wheel and rain-sensing windshield wipers. All of these features complement each other and some can integrate directly with the Tri-Pod Steering Wheel.

“This addition to our product portfolio will offer RV owners a convenient information management center that enriches their luxury driving experience, further integrating them with our technologies and their environment,” said Guillame. “We’re going to continue to innovate and be leaders in this space, both from a functionality aspect and a safety perspective, all while continuing to make driving luxury coaches easier on the driver.”

More information can be found in the video above or on the Tri-Pod Steering Wheel landing page.