Sound On: Black Bear Farts and Immediately Falls Asleep

We’ve seen some good trail-cam videos, but this one has us in stitches. Bob Etzweiler captured the moment a black bear audibly farts, his backside aimed right at the camera. The bear then passes out asleep, as if the relief from passing gas is just that good.

The trail cam is set up in Vermont, somewhere in a Marlboro forest. Etzweiler identifies this animal as a large male black bear and calls the clip “rather hilarious.” We agree.

Etzweiler is a wildlife educator and program director with the Vermont Wilderness School. He and the Vermont Fish & Wildlife are using the bear-fart clip to help educate the public about co-existing with bears.

In a Facebook post sharing the clip, Vermont Fish & Wildlife said: “Bears are at their best when they’re in the wild. [. . .] Secure your trash and food sources, keep bird feeders away and protect your livestock so we can keep our bears wild, just like this one!”

Watch—or, rather, listen—to a black bear fart here (sound on):

[embedded content]

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