Soon You’ll be Able to Use Starlink Satellite Internet While Your RV is Moving

Throughout 2022, Starlink has made a series of upgrades to its satellite internet service, making it more RV-friendly in the process. In March, the company announced a new plan that allowed subscribers to take their receivers with them when they traveled, clearing the way for high-speed connections at remote campsites. Then, a few months later, the FCC approved the use of the service in a moving vehicle, making it even more attractive to RVers. Now, that internet service provider is ready to activate that ability, although it will require new hardware.

Earlier in the week, Starlink announced that it would begin beaming its high-speed internet service to moving vehicles in December 2022. The cost of that service remains $135/month, despite the improved capabilities. For that monthly fee, RVers will receive fast, low-latency internet connections throughout most of North America, although actual speeds may vary depending on the location.

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To use Starlink service while moving, customers must first install a new satellite antenna onto their vehicle. This redesigned receiver is completely flat and built to mount onto the roof of a motorhome, truck, or travel trailer. The high-tech device carries a price tag of $2,500, which is likely to induce sticker shock for some potential customers. A standard Starlink satellite dish costs $599.

One of the companies poised to take advantage of Starlink’s updated service is Winegard. The original equipment manufacturer, which specializes in RV connectivity products, announced its own flat high-performance Starlink antenna. The Winegard receiver also costs $2,500 and is available for pre-order, with shipments starting by the end of October.

Starlink RV

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“The flat high-performance Starlink delivers the connected experience that RVers command while camping or in motion, and we look forward to making it available through OEMs, Dealer Partners, and by offering to consumers directly,” said Winegard’s Director of Business Development and Sales Aaron Luttenegger in a press release.

In addition to delivering high-speed internet to RVers, Starlink also expects to offer its service to commercial customers. The company is working with cruise lines, airlines, and shipping companies to improve connectivity in the air and on the ocean, where internet speed and reliability have always been lacking.

For more information, visit the Starlink and Winegard websites.

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