SoCal’s Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

Life really is a beach at Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, a highly rated Southern California RV resort that hangs 10 over all the competition it faces.

This resort is located right next to a beautiful sandy beach in prime location between San Fransisco and Los Angeles. Pismo Creek also runs nearby, so you’ve got a mix of freshwater and ocean to enjoy. All roads here lead to the ocean, so you’re never more than a few minutes away from a beach-side paradise. Pismo Coast Village RV Resort is located , so it’s a great central spot for these major cities.

Pismo Coast Village RV Park campsite with grassy area and trees. A fifth-wheel and two cars are parked next to it. Palm trees in the background.
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Pismo Coast Village RV Resort is open all year long. It’s spread across 26 acres of land and has a grand total of 400 RV sites. All of these sites come with full hookups for water, sewage, and electricity, so you can spend your stay in comfort.

When you make a reservation at this resort, you’ll need to fill out a questionnaire about your RV and group. You’ll need to include information like your RV type, length, and site/area preference within the park. They may not always be able to get you the exact spot you ask for, but you can always submit your request and let management know what you want. 

The latest rates for this RV resort vary depending on the time of year and week.

  • Non-prime weekday (Sunday-Thursday): $74
  • Non-prime weekend (Friday-Saturday): $78
  • Primetime: $84
  • 2022 Summer/holiday: $91

Check the resort website for specific dates about the holidays and prime days where a reservation might cost more. If you want to book a reservation here or learn more about the resort, visit their website at


In addition to the large size of the resort and its prime location, there are lots of amenities to consider. A modern RV resort often has activities and facilities for guests to enjoy, but Pismo Coast Village RV Resort has some of the best. 

Pacific Ocean shoreline with waves rolling in.
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There are standard lifestyle amenities that can make anyone’s stay more comfortable. These include clean restrooms and showers that any guests can use. There’s also a laundromat with washers and dryers so everyone can stay clean and dry during their stay. In addition, the resort roads are all paved and well-maintained.

This resort also has an on-site general store where you can get firewood, ice, metered propane, groceries, and other RV essentials. There’s also an ATM machine so you can easily access cash. If you don’t want to travel to find your meals, you can eat at the on-site PCV Grill by Rock n’ Roll Diner

Essentials are important, but this resort offers so much more. There are tons of fun things and activities for guests to enjoy. For instance, there’s a heated swimming pool and wading pool that are open every day.

If you want to get some exercise or explore the nearby area, the resort also provides bike rentals for guests. These bikes are unique and have shade canopies and enough room for three riders. Electric bike rentals are available at the nearby beach.

For those who love a good family game, try the mini-golf course or arcade. These are great ways to entertain young kids and spark up some friendly competition. There are also three different playgrounds for kids to enjoy and a variety of games and outdoor courts. Visitors can play basketball, shuffleboard, pickleball, ping pong, and horseshoes. 

A waterfront campsite at Pismo Coast Village.
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With the beach so close, you can also enjoy a beach day anytime you want. Fishing, swimming, boating, and beach walking are always popular activities. The resort even hosts some activities and events for visitors to take part in. Check the event calendar on their website for details about upcoming activities. 

Nearby Attractions/Activities

The immediate area around the resort has plenty of things to do though. You won’t need to travel far out of your way to find interesting attractions, great shops, and delicious restaurants. 

The resort backs right up to a lovely beach, but there are other parks and beaches you can explore in the area. Popular destinations include Dinosaur Caves Park, Pismo Beach Pier Plaza, and Eldwayen Ocean Park.

Pismo Pier is within walking distance of the RV resort, as well as lots of downtown shopping destinations. Here, you can find art galleries, shops for clothes, knick-knacks, snacks, and anything else that you could hope for. Stop by the Pismo Beach Farmers Market for some local goods and delicious produce.

Pismo Beach sign on Pismo Pier.
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We’ve given a lot of praise to Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, but it’s not just idle talk. There are tons of positive reviews from guests to back up our admiration.

On the RV Life Campground Review website, visitors gave this park an overall 8/10. There are currently 276 reviews, making this one of the most talked-about resorts on the entire site. The vast majority of guests rated their experience as “Excellent” or “Good.”

There were a few specific things that guests enjoyed and mentioned in their reviews. People often said that the park was very clean and well-managed. They also enjoyed that it was located so close to the beach! Others enjoyed that the park was family-friendly and offered a lot of activities that anyone could enjoy. 

Pismo Coast Village RV resort is a wonderful place to stay for a few nights if you want to relax and enjoy some fun activities. If you’d like to read more feedback from park guests, visit RV Life Campground Reviews

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