Snake Dies Biting Itself, And You’ll Never Guess Why

A concerned citizen called snake-removal experts after seeing a carpet python biting itself repeatedly on the side of the road in Australia. Sadly, by the time help arrived, the snake had died, but probably not for the reason you’d think.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers posted an explainer video to Facebook after arriving on the scene. A person named Giffo says the snake was biting itself because it was in serious distress. Judging by the severe injury to the snake’s spine, Giffo believes a car had hit the snake, and though it didn’t die instantly, its injuries were fatal.

“What snakes will do when they’re distressed is they’ll bite onto themselves and chew, and that’s a real tell-tale sign to us that they’re in a heck of a lot of pain,” Giffo says.

He adds that there was nothing they could have done for the snake even if they’d arrived sooner.

“He wouldn’t have survived anyway,” Giffo said. “There’s nothing a vet could do for him once they’ve really done that sort of trauma to their spine. Their spine is so important to them; they’re one big backbone, so for a python, it’s the most important part of him.”

The snake died with its mouth clenched around its own body.

When driving in areas where wildlife cross, please remember to slow down and watch the road carefully.