SHOT Show 2024: A look at some top new products showcased in Las Vegas – Outdoor News

The Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) is highly anticipated for enthusiasts and professionals in the firearms, hunting, and outdoor industry each year. This year’s show that ran in late January was no different.

Over 80,000 professionals in the industry make their way to Las Vegas from all around the globe for one the largest international conventions of the year. SHOT Show showcases cutting-edge products from renowned brands. 

Here are some of the new products that Outdoor News staff got a look at from this year’s show. Watch the videos to hear more about each product. 

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Rolling knife sharpener from Work Sharp
The Rolling Knife Sharpener from Work Sharp.

Everyone knows how frustrating it is trying to work with dull knives after a great day in the field or on the water. Work Sharp has produced multiple knife sharpeners that have the hunter and angler in mind, and the rolling knife sharpener is a great tool to add to your kitchen.

This compact, handheld sharpener uses a magnetic angle block (four different sharpening angles) and rotating abrasives to easily sharpen your knives in a hurry. The sharpener comes with three abrasives (320 grit diamond, 600 grit diamond, and fine ceramic hone) to get you back to cutting with razor-sharp knives in no time. 

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Outdoor Edge Razor VX4 knife
Outdoor Edge Razor VX4.

The Outdoor Edge Razor VX4 knife is a highly functional and adaptable tool that offers excellent performance for a variety of outdoor tasks. 

Its interchangeable blade system, quality construction, and user-friendly design make it a favorite among hunters, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

This pocket folding knife from Outdoor Edge designed for everyday carry features corrosion-proof Ceramic Ball Bearing pivot technology to ensure easy one-finger blade deployment. 

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SR-30K and SR-33 suppressors from Nosler

The SR-30K suppressor from Nosler offers exceptional noise reduction, recoil mitigation, and durability, making it a top choice for shooters looking to enhance their shooting experience.

The SR-30K suppressor from Nosler offers exceptional noise reduction, recoil mitigation, and durability in a smaller size, making it a top choice for hunters. (Photo by Eric Morken)

The suppressor is designed to be compatible with a wide range of calibers, allowing shooters to use it with multiple firearms. The SR-30K (7.2 ounces, 5.834-inch length, 1.740-inch diameter) accomplishes a balance between overall length and noise reduction. It is designed with hunters in mind and is two inches shorter and two ounces lighter than Nosler’s full-sized SR-30AlTi.

Nosler’s SR-33ALTi (18 oz.; 10.5” length, 1.875” diameter) is a great choice for hunters who shoot long-range magnum rifles. 

This suppressor features the same sound suppression technology as the rest of Nosler’s ALTi suppressors, but in a magnum 338 caliber-capable format. ​​The SR-33 offers excellent noise and recoil reduction without adding excessive size or weight to your gun.

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Fusion Tipped ammunition from Federal
New Fusion Tipped ammo from Federal Ammunition.

Federal Premium is expanding on its Fusion line by offering these popular hunting loads with the addition of a polymer tip in its new Fusion Tipped ammunition.

A key feature of polymer-tipped ammo is the ability to deliver enhanced ballistic performance. The design of the polymer tip reduces drag, resulting in flat trajectories, increased accuracy and retained energy over longer distances. 

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Chris Taylor fixed blade knives from Case

The new Chris Taylor fixed blade line of knives from Case Knives features the CT1, CT2 and CT3 models to match the needs for outdoor enthusiasts.

This new line of knives from Case features premium steel for superior edge retention and corrosion resistance that is geared toward being a perfect fit for hunters and anglers.

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Scent Thief

Those who are serious about scent control in their hunting pursuits can add Scent Thief to their line of must-have items. 

Scent Thief eliminates an animal’s ability to smell by approaching the problem of human odor through targeting the area of the nose responsible for smell. Scent Thief relaxes the olfactory epithelium, temporarily shutting down an animal’s sense of smell. 

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Buck 30 suppressor from Silencer Central

The BUCK 30 is a multi-caliber suppressor that works with rifle calibers up to .300 Winchester Magnum, making it a great choice for hunting adventures big and small.

It is the newest addition to the BANISH line of suppressors from Silencer Central that packs an impressive amount of sound suppression despite its compact size (6.9” in length, 1.54” in diameter, 13.8 ounces). 

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Voice-activated headlamp from COAST Products
Voice-activated headlamp from COAST. (Photo by Eric Morken)

The new voice-activated headlamp from COAST is a convenient option for outdoor users who want the ability to run their light hands-free. 

Activate all of the headlamp’s many settings with the sound of your voice. You have the ability to adjust the brightness and the modes by giving simple commands. This light will be available from COAST later this year at a price point expected to come in at less than $100. 

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Leupold’s BX-4 Pro Guide HD GEN 2 binoculars

The BX-4 Pro Guide HD has been one of the top-selling binoculars from Leupold, and the company has upgraded essentially everything with the release of the BX-4 Pro Guide HD GEN 2 binoculars.

The BX-4 Pro Guide HD GEN 2 10X50MM.

These binoculars come in a variety of models (8X42MM, 10X42MM, 10X50MM, 12X50MM) to fit your needs and hunting style. The elite optical system offers great light transmission from dawn to dusk, providing a bright image at the most important times of day. They offer elite-level glare reduction in harsh light situations, and resolution and clarity that hunters and shooters require.

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Mossberg’s Silver Reserve over-under shotguns for turkeys

Anyone who has spent enough time in the turkey woods knows how unpredictable these birds can be, whether it’s coming straight into a decoy set or hanging up at 40 yards.

The Mossberg Silver Reserve Eventide Turkey over-and-under shotgun.

Having two chokes for shots at different distances can come in handy, and Mossberg’s Silver Reserve over–under turkey shotguns have you covered in that department. All models (12 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge) come in Mossy Oak Greenleaf camo with 20-inch barrel lengths, and the 12 gauge comes in a 3.5-inch chamber size. 

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Garmin’s Xero CI Pro chronograph
Garmin Xero CI Pro.

Garmin’s Xero CI Pro chronograph gathers all the speed data you need, measuring projectile speeds from 100 to 5,000 feet per second. 

Whether you are handloading for the range or your next big hunt, or building arrows for this fall, this is a great tool for gun and archery users alike. Pair the chronograph with the ShotView app on your smartphone to track your shots, measure deviation and more.

The Xero CI Pro comes in a compact design that fits in your back pocket and is simple to set up. It has a battery life of up to 2,000 shots or 6 hours.