RVshare Announces 2022 Campers Choice Award Winners

After hundreds of nominations following “The Campies” announcement, RVshare is proud to announce this year’s winners as:

“RVshare is on a mission to provide guidance to renters through their travel planning process, while also supporting campgrounds across the country and their commitment to excellence,” said RVshare’s VP of Marketing Martijn Scheijbeler. “RVshare is proud to give recognition to these organizations, which will then allow travelers to feel confident in their decisions, knowing that they can look forward to the experiences and amenities that are most important to them. Connecting travelers with these campgrounds will ultimately lead to their own growth and expansion, as well as the flourishing of the RV and camping industry overall.”

On July 19, RVshare welcomed all RV travelers, past renters, campground owners and travel enthusiasts to nominate their favorite campgrounds in a number of categories, including the best luxury RV resort, best family and pet-friendly campgrounds, best wifi and remote-friendly experience, and many others. Nominations closed on August 19, where the top finalists were then distributed to a carefully selected group of panelists to make their final selections. This year’s panelists included a range of RV travel experts, influencers, spokespeople, editors, hosts, and bestselling authors in the outdoor and RV travel space. All panelists were researched and designated based on their involvement and commitment to the RV and camping industry. A full list of panelists and their biographies can be found at rvshare.com/campies.

For more information about the RVshare Campers’ Choice Awards and this year’s winners, please visit rvshare.com/campies.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/rvshare-announces-2022-campers-choice-award-winners/