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COLUMBUS, Ohio – RV Mobile Power, LLC (RVMP) is kicking off 2024 with several exciting announcements, including new products and existing product updates, according to a release. The first is its new Flex Power line of installed generators that power many of the smaller Class Cs and other single A/C units.

The Flex Power 4000i and 5500i will continue as a dual fuel carburetor generator, and also be offered as a dual fuel electronic fuel injection (EFI) option. Both are designed for permanent installation as a new or replacement unit.

“Both are designed to be compact, quiet, powerful and efficient, and will run your RV’s appliances directly or recharge your battery bank for activities like off-grid boondocking,” said RVMP CEO Jimmy Conroy II. “All Flex Power units for the 2024 model year will also be fully compliant with CARB SORE dictates, resulting in the Flex Power lineup meeting or exceeding current EPA requirements.”

The company is also announcing their Flex Power 2800i – for release in early Q2. This smaller model will have many applications and features a compact and light dual-fuel genset – making it one of, if not the smallest footprint and weight in the industry.

“We’re also adding OEM support facilities in Elkhart,” said Conroy. “We’ve moved our Columbus, Ohio location to a new 40,000 square foot facility to expand production capabilities, R&D, and distribution capabilities to other markets and products across North America, as well as create new jobs.”

Several OEM partners have already signed on to incorporate these new products into their latest model lineups, and RVMP is actively seeking new distribution partners and OEM customers, with the company recently adding a new distribution partner, Keller Marine and RV, on the East Coast to better serve its customer base.

With all of these exciting announcements, RVMP’s leadership team looks forward to an exciting year ahead. “We want everyone in the industry to know that we aren’t stopping our innovation pipeline,” said Conroy, “and plan to continuously innovate our products for years to come.”

About RVMP

Established in 2018, RVMP has been creating products to enhance outdoor and off-grid lifestyles by providing power systems, solar options, and integrated temperature-controlled appliances, giving RVMP customers the comforts of home wherever the road takes them.

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