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Sophie de la Torre

The RV Industry Association’s (RVIA) Government Affairs staff are the industry experts for our members, state legislators, regulators, and RV industry stakeholders, according to an RVIA News & Insights report.

A critical part of their team’s state advocacy efforts includes keeping a close eye on state bills pertaining to the RV industry and championing relevant state advocacy projects. To assist with this, the Government Affairs department recently onboarded a new Senior Manager of State Affairs, Sophie de la Torre. 

de la Torre graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 2020 with her B.S. in Political Science and Government. Throughout her college career, Sophie focused on research design and statistical analysis application in political science and government. 

de la Torre notes that she started her political journey as an intern for Rep. Barbara Comstock. “After that, I worked on campaigns throughout northern Virginia before I focused nationally,” she continues. “I was involved in political fundraising, and then I started working for the National Association of Realtors’ government affairs department. I found that I really loved working with associations’ government affairs teams. Eventually, I was looking for a change and I found the RV Industry Association.” 

As the Senior Manager of State Affairs, de la Torre will advocate for RV industry-related legislation as it makes its way through state governments across the country: “My responsibilities are to help the state affairs’ team manage legislation that’s coming through nationwide.” For example, de la Torre’s team is currently supporting industry legislation as it navigates Maryland and Washington’s state governments.

de la Torre adds that she’s excited to work with the RV Industry Association’s team: “The most fun part of my role so far has been meeting the RV Industry Association’s team. They have a wealth of knowledge, and it was exciting to meet everyone. I’m also excited to travel out to Elkhart and meet everyone on the RV Technical Institute’s team and start meeting our members.”

For de la Torre, the most meaningful aspect of the RV industry is its emphasis on building family memories and encouraging adventure— two universal concepts that Sophie has experienced on a personal and a professional level. Along with sharing her parents’ enjoyment of the outdoors (“I’m really lucky to have traveled throughout most of the world”), she is also aware that the RV industry can be a unifying force even across political divides.

“Coming from very partisan politics, it’s been really exciting to work on bipartisan bills and pass legislation that makes people’s lives better,” de la Torre says. “Who doesn’t want to get outdoors?”

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