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Officials with “RV Unplugged,” an RV-themed reality competition show, are excited to announce that its Watch & Win contests have reached an all-time high. In partnership with MORryde, Big Beard Battery, Open Roads, Rich Solar, Liquified, Alliance RV, Blue Compass and RV Tech Courses, RV Unplugged is set to launch a series of contests this month, offering prizes worth over $17,000, according to a release.

This achievement underscores the show’s unique ability to engage with its dedicated followers while providing a platform for sponsors to connect directly with the RV Unplugged community.

Unlike traditional reality shows, RV Unplugged prides itself on fostering a deep connection with its audience. This connection has not only drawn in a passionate fanbase but has also attracted renowned sponsors eager to engage with RV enthusiasts.

Tony Flammia

Tony Flammia, Director of RV Unplugged, expressed excitement about this new phase of engagement, stating, “This is a new way to market our sponsors’ products and give them more than just airtime. It’s a way for them to interface with our audience, and we’re looking forward to growing our watch & wins as much as the show itself.”

“We are delighted to introduce the RV Unplugged Watch & Win contests to our dedicated community,” said Rob Boyer, Director of Strategic Partnerships of RV Unplugged. “At RV Unplugged, we are committed to providing engaging and enriching content for our viewers. These contests are our way of showing appreciation to our loyal audience while also offering them a chance to win some fantastic prizes, many of which are given by our show sponsors and partners.”

The Watch & Win contests will feature a variety of prizes, with new contests introduced every month. Some contests will last a week, while others will span the entire season, enticing fans to keep a close eye on each episode for secret codes that offer advantages in winning larger prizes.

Entering a Watch & Win contest is simple. Fans can visit the RV Unplugged website, navigate to the Watch & Win section, choose their desired contest, and follow the prompts to enter.

So far this season, lucky participants have walked away with incredible prizes, such as free Gas Stop Valves, complimentary stays at luxurious destinations like Camp Margaritaville Auburndale, Finale Rally Tickets, and premium outdoor gear from Solo Stove.

As we gear up for our upcoming Watch & Wins, the excitement continues with an array of prizes. Participants can anticipate winning big, with prizes including a $500 fuel credit from Open Roads, a year’s supply of Liquified for hassle-free sanitation solutions on the road, a cutting-edge 300AH 12V lithium battery and swag pack from Big Beard Battery, a portable solar suitcase from Rich Solar for sustainable energy on-the-go, and the pinnacle of prizes—a complete independent suspension system upgrade from MORryde, promising unparalleled comfort and stability during travels.

Additionally, RV industry manufacturers, suppliers, and influencers are invited to seize the opportunity to become a valued partner of the RV Unplugged Watch & Win contest. By partnering with RV Unplugged, companies can gain significant exposure to a highly engaged audience of RV enthusiasts. Interested parties can apply to become a Watch & Win partner by filling out the application form available at https://www.rvunpluggedtv.com/partners. As a partner, companies will have the opportunity to showcase their products or services to a targeted audience while contributing to the overall excitement of the contest. Join us in enhancing the RV experience for enthusiasts nationwide by becoming a Watch & Win partner today!

To learn more about the RV Unplugged Watch & Win contest and to join the excitement, visit https://www.rvunpluggedtv.com/watch-and-win today!

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RV Unplugged is an electrifying reality show that immerses RV enthusiasts in the ultimate off-grid competition. With a focus on pushing limits, exploring the RV lifestyle, and showcasing the incredible people living it, RV Unplugged is a unique experience that resonates with adventurers nationwide. Find RV Unplugged at https://www.rvunpluggedtv.com.

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