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RV Unplugged has unveiled its dynamic and diverse cast for the much-anticipated Season 2, set against the picturesque backdrop of Camp Margaritaville Auburndale, Fla. With the stakes higher than ever, contestants will be competing for the Camp Margaritaville Auburndale grand prize $25,000 check, facing bigger challenges that promise to deliver an unprecedented level of excitement and entertainment, according to a release.

This season’s lineup features an eclectic mix of individuals and teams, each bringing their unique stories, experiences and skills to the RV Unplugged arena:

Phil & Stacy Farley of Today is Someday: RV Unplugged’s team coaches are Navy veterans who embraced a nomadic lifestyle by venturing into full-time RV living, aiming to inspire and help others explore the world through their experiences. Phil, after retiring from 27 years of service, and Stacy, with five years of service, focus on raising awareness and support for veterans’ daily needs. Their mission has led to raising more than $154,000 for veterans’ charities, demonstrating their commitment to giving back to the community through various fundraising efforts, including merchandise sales and special events on their YouTube channel.

Dustin & Leslie Waggoner of the Wayward Waggs: Celebrating 24 years together, this retired Army Combat Medic and Department of Defense veteran duo have been embracing the RV lifestyle with their bearded dragon, Scout, showcasing their adventures in their Alliance Paradigm 340RL fifth-wheel. They have raised thousands of dollars for veterans through their Youtube channel Wayward Waggs.

Clayron & Darryl Tolleson of the Tolleson Life: With Clayron’s extensive experience as an insurance broker and Darryl’s background as a retired Deputy Chief from the Atlanta Police Department, this team’s expertise in risk management and event coordination is unmatched.

Joe and Rachel Stauffer of 2KrazyKampers & 2krazyketo : This inspiring couple has lost over 100 pounds each through their commitment to the ketogenic lifestyle. With three boys and a journey filled with various weight-loss endeavors, they are a testament to dedication and perseverance. Traveling in their Grand Design Imagine travel trailer, these two are sharing their love for a healthy lifestyle with their fellow campers wherever they roam.

Aaron Tucker of Aaron & Archer: A retired firefighter paramedic, police officer and tactical medic with a passion for emergency K9 care, Aaron, alongside his service dog Archer in their Jayco Swift Class B van, exemplifies the essence of resilience and the strength of the human-animal bond.

David & Jessica Johnston of the Registered Nomads: This adventurous pair, traveling with their dog, Morty, in their Alliance Paradigm 310RL fifth-wheel, have explored from the Florida Keys to Alaska as an ICU Travel Nurse and remote-working professional, embracing the nomadic RV life.

Talmange & Ashanti Grace of the Adventure Bandits: As YouTubers dedicated to capturing memorable camping, boating and traveling experiences, this husband-and-wife team brings their infectious enthusiasm for adventure to the show.

Kevin & Tabitha Maser: A Navy veteran and a cancer survivor, this duo’s competitive spirit and determination are palpable. With a heart to serve and traveling in their Alliance Paradigm 340RL, you’ll find them using humor to bring the camping community together for the greater good.

Lesa McDermott & Mary Byrnes of Girl Camper: With backgrounds in outdoor activities, entrepreneurship, mortgage banking, golf and ski instructing, piloting, and legal practice, Lesa and Mary’s love for camping and adventures shines brightly as they serve the Girl Camper community.

John & Shelby Tessar: Known for their humor and philanthropic spirit, this entrepreneurial and finance-savvy couple is motivated not just by the competition but also by the opportunity to give back. You’ll oftentimes find this couple gathering with others outside their Grand Design Solitude fifth-wheel, making craft cocktails to share with their camping friends.

Matt & Mandy Dove: Hailing from Texas Hill Country, this adventurous family, despite facing life’s hurdles head-on, remains undeterred in their spirit for travel and exploration. Their positive outlook on how to approach all challenges is just one of the reasons why you’ll enjoy their story.

RV Unplugged Season 2 is shaping up to be an inspirational journey that celebrates the RV lifestyle, bringing together contestants from all walks of life. With a blend of adventure, competition and personal stories of triumph, this season is set to captivate audiences like never before. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey with us!

About RV Unplugged:

RV Unplugged is a competitive reality show that brings together diverse contestants to face challenges in the great outdoors, all while living the RV lifestyle. The show emphasizes adventure, community, and the spirit of the open road, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of those who choose to embrace life on wheels.

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