RV Products: September 2023

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By Linneah Deighton, Associate Editor

400 Lumen Headlamp

Black Diamond Equipment 400 Lumen HeadlampHeadlamps can be quite useful, especially if you’re working on your RV, hiking at night, or doing anything where you need both hands and a light source at the same time. Black Diamond’s Spot 400 Headlamp provides 400 lumens of bright light and improved optical efficiency to save battery. Brightness memory remembers your last chosen setting. There are also different light modes to choose from, including dimming, strobing, and red night vision. Digital lock mode safeguards against accidentally turning on the light. The headlamp comes in seven different colors. Price is $49.95.

Black Diamond Equipment
(800) 775-5552

Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer

Govee Wi-Fi Thermo-HygrometerToo much humidity and high temperatures can ruin the interior of your RV, and even hurt pets or plants inside. Govee’s tiny Wi-Fi Thermo-Hygrometer measures temperature and humidity and sends real-time data to a mobile app. You can set up and customize mobile alerts to notify you of environmental changes, track data over time, and even export the data for free. The device is powered by AA batteries and uses Wi-Fi to communicate with your mobile device. Price is $39.99.

(855) 925-3570

Fireproof Document Bag

Roloway Safe Fireproof Document BagThe Roloway Fireproof Document Bag offers fire protec-tion with its dual layer of fiberglass material engineered to withstand temperatures as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for a certain period of time. The silicone-coated layer and water-resistant zipper of the 15-inch-by-11-inch bag with two pockets provide water protection. The big pocket accommodates legal-size documents, laptops, and other essentials. The smaller front pocket is suitable for organizing items such as passports and cash. Price is $15.35.

Roloway Safe
(917) 722-0504

RV Waste Management Device

Forsee Dump BuddyAccidental spills during sewage dumping can easily ruin your day. Dump Buddy was created by RVers who sought to alleviate this problem. The device fastens to the sewage pipe in the ground and then connects it to your sewer hose. Tighten the knob around the sewer pipe, flip up the second collar and tighten it around the sewer hose, and the rubber material keeps everything in place. The Dump Buddy is made of plastic, so it’s easy to clean. It comes with a mesh pouch and a nylon carry case with a strap. Price is $39.95.

(484) 653-0779

Color-Changing Fireplace Pinecones

Plow & Hearth Fireplace Color ConesHave you ever wondered why fireworks have fun colors, or why fire may appear to have varied colors with different materials being burned? The answer is chemistry! An easy way to add a splash of color to your campfire is with Plow & Hearth’s Fireplace Color Cones. These pinecones create dazzling blue and green flames that will last about 10 minutes each. Great for camping and a fun way to change the color of flames, each 5-pound bag of pinecones contains hours of color-changing enjoyment. Price is $39.95.

Plow & Hearth
(800) 494-7544

RV Backup Camera

Nuvending NuCam WR RV backup cameraNuvending’s NuCam WR is an RV backup camera that’s compatible with mobile devices. Its rechargeable battery can provide over 7 hours of continuous operation, so you likely won’t have to charge it often. Backing up your RV at night will be easier thanks to the device’s night-vision capability, too. Its portable magnetic base will stick to any ferromagnetic metal surface. The casing is rated for all weather and heavy-duty use in freezing temperatures and blazing heat. It also can connect to home Wi-Fi and work as a surveillance camera when you’re not RVing. Price is $199.99.



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