RV Lifestyle: Real RVers Discuss their RV Concerns for 2023


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EDITOR’S NOTE: The video above, podcast below and, below that, the edited excerpt of an article by Mike and Jennifer Wendland, creators of the RV Lifestyle websitepodcast and YouTube channel, in which they, while attending the recent Hershey RV Show, share their discussion with RVers who relate their concerns regarding the economy and other challenges over the next year or so.

Let’s face it: These are challenging times. And after a week at the recent Hershey RV Show in Pennsylvania, where we talked with hundreds of real RVers, there are some real RV worries for 2023 clouding the future for many.

Not that any are willing to toss in the towel. To a person, everyone we talked to planned to do their best and Keep Calm and Camp ON – as the silly T-shirt says.

But unlike many so-called RV industry leaders, who always spin a rosy future, real RVers are realistic and candid about all the challenges they see ahead over the next 12 months in this post-COVID world, where a variety of issues are complicating their RV travel and camping plans.

RV Worries #1: Inflation is impacting the RV Lifestyle

Everyone cited inflation as the most worrisome challenge on the horizon. Those who have retired and are on fixed incomes were affected the most but price hikes over the past year in food, health care, taxes, RV and other insurances, maintenance, utilities, campground fees and even entertainment have many saying “ENOUGH.”

Jim, with his wife Pam are both teachers. “We travel all summer long in our RV,” said Jim. “This summer cost us about 40% more. We were not living more extravagantly. We boondocked as must as we could and, if anything, we cut back a bit compared to last year. But 40% is way out of control. We’re worried about what 2023 will bring.”

Sue, who just retired from her job as a nurse to begin a year of solo travel, traveling in her new 21-foot travel trailer, decided to hold off selling her house and going fulltime. “I’m worried now whether I can afford to travel as much as I hoped and I’m going to hold o to my house just in case it doesn’t work out.”

Leonard, a longtime RVer, said it best. “Ever since the COVID lockdowns, everything seems to have doubled in price.”

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