Ron Hoover RV Today is Hosting Make-A-Wish Ceremony

One local RV company is about to host an open house event while being the site for a Make-A-Wish foundation ceremony, where one family and their child will be provided with a brand new RV, according to a report by the Laredo Morning Times.

The event will occur today (Oct. 7) at Ron Hoover RV & Marine Centers in Corpus Christi, Texas.

“We do our open house every year. It is considered more of a Customer Appreciation Day, as we have special prices in most or all of our units, and we have free food and beverages for our customers and anybody who they want to bring with them,” said Ray Glavan, general manager at Ron Hoover RV & Marine Centers. “We are doing a special event going on Friday as well, as we are doing a Make-A-Wish delivery. We are handling the keys to a brand new RV to a Make-A-Wish family and the child, and we are trying to do it as special as we can for the family.”