Rig Roundup: Togo RV Looks at the ‘Best Four-Season RVs’


Four-season RVs give you the ability to camp throughout the year, no matter the weather, according to a report by Kerri Cox published by Togo RV. While winter isn’t the typical time for camping excursions, you may find yourself wanting—or needing—to camp then. If so, finding a properly equipped rig is essential. That’s where four-season RVs come in.

Imagine camping in the forest as snow sprinkles the treetops, and then heading inside your RV to warm up and stay cozy through the night. While this sounds like an exceptional experience, if your rig isn’t properly outfitted, you could end up with burst water pipes and even struggle to stay warm as cold air seeps through your RV’s walls and windows.

Four-season RVs are constructed differently and equipped with extra features to ensure you don’t face such a scenario. A four-season RV has better insulation, protections for pipes and tanks, and a sufficient heating system. Additionally, some of the construction aspects may be helpful if you want to camp in the extreme summer heat.

If you plan to camp in extreme summer or winter temperatures, here are some of the best four-season RVs to consider. These rigs have been designed with special engineering to make them safe and comfortable for year-round camping.

Northwood Arctic Fox North Fork 25Y – With a name like Arctic Fox, you can tell this lineup is ready for winter travel. Northwood is considered one of the best four-season RV manufacturers, producing everything from truck campers to fifth wheels. The North Fork 25Y is a couples’ camper that offers a large living space in a rig right at 30 feet. Heat pads for the tanks are an optional upgrade. For extra coziness during winter travels, add the optional electric fireplace.

Lance 850 Truck Camper – Lance produces truck campers and travel trailers with heated holding tanks, insulated hatch covers, enclosed underbellies, and other features to help its rigs stay comfortable in any weather. The Lance 850 four-season truck camper features a kitchen, wet bath, and dedicated front bed. Add the Lance Load Roof Rack System to tote along gear and toys. A variety of solar power and lithium battery options are also available.

Read the full report by Togo RV here.

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/rig-roundup-togo-rv-looks-at-the-best-four-season-rvs/