Renault Electric Camper Urges Nomads to Ditch the Office

The Kangaroo E-tech edition offers up to 177 miles of range per charge.

As if the modern office worker needed another reason to push for a remote schedule, Renault has revealed the Hippie Caviar Motel mini-camper concept, according to a report at

Just looking at it makes us want to call out sick and head for the mountains to escape the grind for a few hours or days. Renault homes in on solo nomadism by skipping the usual two-/four-person floor plan and dialing the van for single-person adventures.

The smart, convertible floor plan supports the driver with a dining area, single-person bed, mud room, gear storage and scenic lounging. And in case the driver feels even the slightest pang of conscience about the “sick” day, the van doubles as a rolling office so he or she can at least answer a couple emails before calling it a night.

After witnessing last year’s Hippie Caviar Hotel concept, we weren’t expecting a practical or traditional camper van layout from this year’s Hippie Caviar Motel … just something smaller and more efficient. Renault meets those expectations emphatically, making the smaller, simpler Motel concept a unique single-person RV.

Renault clears out any sign of rear seats in order to make room for a chic, purpose-driven layout that supports the owner’s craziest action sport whims. A convertible camper seat faces backward and partners with a flip-up table to create a laptop workstation and solo dining area. Renault makes no mention of a kitchen, so Hippie Caviar Motel pilots will probably want to pack a meal or bring their own camp cooking equipment. A small tailgate grill seems like it’d complement the flexible, free-spirited nature of spontaneous Hippie Caviar Motel adventures quite nicely.

The other half of floor plan houses what looks at first like a flashy mini-bar or console but ultimately appears to serve only as a divider wall separating the main living area from the mud room and changing station inside the driver-side sliding door. The integrated rear-corner lounge seat is perfectly positioned for catching a fiery sunset after a long, tiring day, and the reflective puffy upholstery delivers warming comfort inspired by the reflective emergency gear and down jackets common in mountain sport.

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