Remember When This Colorado Bear Took 400 Trail-Cam Selfies?

Lest we forget the most diva bear that ever graced a trail cam, we just had to bring back the story of a black bear in Colorado that found a trail camera and managed to take 400 selfies, which is impressive by anyone’s standards. Unlike the black bear we recently covered that tried to eat a trail cam, this black bear knew exactly what to do with it—pose.

The City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP) has nine trail cameras across its 46,000-acre land system “to help the department learn more about how local wildlife species use the landscape around us while minimizing staff presence in sensitive habitats.” When OSMP retrieved footage from one of its cameras, staff discovered that of the 580 photos it captured, nearly 70% of them (400) were close-up shots of this one bear.

We think the bear managed to capture its good side, wouldn’t you agree?

Watch a video OSMP made of the bear selfies here:

The bear had its DIY photo shoot back in January 2023, and we can’t help but wonder, did he or she come back for more? With such a curious disposition, we wouldn’t be surprised if the bear did this again if it ever comes across another trail cam.

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