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The 610 foot long event tent before vendors arrive.

From a place of cacti and coyotes to a Mecca for RVers, the sleepy town of Quartzsite, Ariz., is once again transforming into “the place to be” for RV solutions and friendships — and the highlight of this snowbird retreat each January is the Quartzsite Sports, Vacation & RV Show that is currently coming together and will be held from Jan. 20-28 under a 610-foot-long mega tent. 

The tiny town of Quartzsite swells during the show to what has been estimated to be the largest gathering of RVers in the world. Many come from colder climates to spend time in the mild daytime temperatures and gather with other RVers, often in groups of like-minded campers. 

This year’s show is growing considerably, with the tent that houses vendors of all sorts being 20 feet longer than last year. There are more vendors, too, with hundreds of them setting up their displays under the big tent but quite a few more dotted around the perimeter of the tent on the midway. 

That’s also where seminars will be held, in a smaller tent.

“Our seminars are coming back with a vengeance,” said the show’s organizer, Kimmy King. “The lineup is so solid this year. We have a great range of information available for attendees.”

A moment of calm for show promoter Kimmy King as vendors line up to enter the show grounds.

While some RVers are there with full hook-ups, the majority are camping off the grid so resources, workshops and off-grid technology are also a big part of the show. 

Those who don’t already have an RV, or might be interested in an upgrade, should know that RV Country is back again with more than 250 RVs on display. Part of the appeal of the show is the choice of RVs, with pricing described as ‘show pricing.’ 

“We’re probably more aggressive than normal here just to accommodate interest rates,” noted Curt Curtis in describing the price structure. “The snowbirds are arriving daily.” 

Another reason some attend the show is to get RVs upgraded with service bays on-site. Redlands RV, Blue Ox and Roadmaster having been fixtures for years doing this, but more providers have signed-up this year including Battle Born Batteries which will offer upgrades and installations. “Battle Born has made a really big splash at the show,” noted King.

Best Motorsports from Lake Havasu will also be on-hand doing tire installations and off-road accessories. Another new feature will be upgrades to ATVs with SDI suspension effecting suspension modifications in the service bays. ATVs are very popular at the show and can even be seen driving on-road. 

The show goes nine days – from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily (3 p.m. closing day). Attendance at the event is free for spectators, as is parking. Located just off Interstate 10, 125 miles west of Phoenix and just 20 miles from the California border, this sleepy little town plays host to an RV extravaganza that started 41 years ago.

The line of vendors waiting to get into the show grounds stretched onto surrounding streets.

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