Property Highlight: Munds Park RV Resort in Arizona

This article is brought to you by Inspire Communities & Munds Park RV Resort.

With a pool, hot tub, 24-hour fitness center, two dog parks, playground, newly renovated showers and restrooms, laundromat, recreation hall, live concerts, and bar—Munds Park RV Resort near Flagstaff, Arizona, is called a “resort” and not a “campground” for a lot of very good reasons. 

However, all these luxuries don’t mean guests aren’t immersed in nature.

The resort perches on the edge of one of the country’s most diverse forests running from the Sedona red rocks to the Ponderosa pines. The Coconino National Forest comprises over 1.8 million acres and is one of the most agriculturally diverse from the southwestern desert cacti to the alpine tundra.

Boasting the best of both worlds—trails at your doorstep and a hot shower afterward—a trip to Munds is about as much fun as you can have on this planet.

Great Views, Even at Night

Speaking of planets, come nighttime, visitors are in for a celestial show that is truly, um, out of this world.

Munds is minutes away from Flagstaff, the world’s first designated International Dark Sky City, which means a concerted effort by the community to keep light pollution at bay gives the glittering stars and planets the canvas they deserve.

The Lowell Observatory, which famously discovered Pluto, is a worthy field trip just 30 minutes away.

Activities and Natural Beauty Abound

During the day, Coconino National Forest’s trails beckon to dirt bikers, ATVs, hikers, mountain bikers, or anyone who wants a casual stroll amidst one of the most unique landscapes in the world.

Munds Park RV Resort accesses more than 100 miles of local trails right out of the property, some of which are multi-use for the moto set. While others are for hiking or biking only, which is perfect for those who want only the sound of the wind in the trees.

This article was brought to you by Inspire Communities & Munds Park RV Resort

All of them traverse through this special ecosystem, with lakes that are fishing grounds for ospreys and bald eagles, dense forests where deer and elk forage, and spectacular desert rock formations that glow orange in the sunset. 

Surrounded by Sightseeing & Adventure

For those who want to venture beyond Coconino, Munds is the perfect home base for easy day trips to places others travel to from all over the world.

Ever heard of The Grand Canyon?

Yep, that’s an easy one-and-a-half hour drive from the resort.

And Sedona, a cute little getaway town with jaw-dropping scenery, is only a 45-minute drive. Guests can hop in their car, take some photos with the kids, grab lunch, and be back for a poolside chill session by the afternoon.

Amenities and Ideal Arizona Weather

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The pool is only one of the things that makes Munds the perfect getaway for families.

Guests can go for a family hike in the morning and then the kids can peel off to swim or play in the playground while parents can do…whatever the heck they want. (Armed with a little cash for the General Store, the kids may not even bug their parents until dinnertime.)

For parents, the fitness center is open 24 hours a day, making it easier than ever to get in a good workout.

And for parents of “furbabies”? Munds has not one but two dog parks in which to frolic. 

Although Arizona may sound daunting to those who don’t love the heat, Munds Park RV Resort sits at an elevation of 6,510 feet, which means the temperatures in the middle of the summer are a comfortable 75-80 degrees—perfect for hitting the trails—and the nights typically dip down to 50 degrees—perfect for sleeping.

The RV sites are tucked under giant shade trees and are bordered by a lush pine forest. Munds also offers deluxe cabins for sale and beautiful apartments that are rentable for a weekend or week-long stay.

Ready to book? We get it.

Munds has even made that hassle-free, too. Guests can instantly book campsites directly on The Dyrt app or on

The Instant Book calendar is integrated and immediate, so guests can see in real-time what sites are available, and book right away with confidence.

Munds Park RV Resort makes adventure easy. Book today and get ready to make some memories!

This article was brought to you by Inspire Communities & Munds Park RV Resort

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