Product Review: The FlexArmor Permanent RV Roof Solution

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It is important to inspect all aspects of an RV’s roof. Photo courtesy first5thwheel, member

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The Best RV Roof Repair Solution On The Market

Owning an RV is like having a home on wheels. Just like your sticks & bricks home, there are normal maintenance and repairs that must be done. While the roof on your home may not need a great deal of attention, your RV roof does. In fact, your RV roof must be inspected carefully several times a year.

FlexArmor, designed by and offered exclusively through, is a unique system to address weak points in the roof of all RVs, the multiple caulking joints, and the maintenance they require. 

As early as 2005, FlexArmor considered the RV roof with intent, seeking to not only fully understand the roof anatomy of this high-tech vehicle of travel but offer a permanent solution to the unique weak points.

The last roof your RV will ever need

Your RV roof is exposed to weather, constant sunlight, the threat of low-hanging branches, and potential damage by airborne chemicals.

While it is best to keep the RV covered when not in use, that is not always possible. Water damage takes place over time and if gone unnoticed, can allow mold to start growing in an RV, or even short out various electrical systems. Interior and exterior walls can suffer from separation from the substrate. This is known as delamination.

RV insurance may only cover delamination to your RV or travel trailer if you have comprehensive coverage included in your policy, and if the delamination occurred suddenly and unexpectedly, deriving from a scenario that didn’t involve a lack of upkeep or general negligence.

Make no mistake: your RV roof demands attention. Inspecting the roof every month for damage and compromised caulking seams is mandatory on a traditional RV roof. You also need to make repairs as soon as the issue is found in order to prevent expensive damage. An RV roof just isn’t tough enough to handle the unfavorable conditions your rig faces without your constant care, time, and attention.

The FlexArmor RV Roof Solution

FlexArmor saw an opportunity to provide improvements to every RV roof. The weak points that needed to be addressed are:

  1. Caulking that needs constant maintenance.
  2. Rubber, fiberglass, and even aluminum RV roofs are prone to punctures and cracks with age.
  3. Quality

Flex Armor is a sprayed RV roof system comprised of a high-grade pure polyurea and proprietary preparation processes and products designed specifically for RVs. The end result is a 3/16-inch thick flexible material that has an extremely high tear strength. This durable material also has an unmatched UV resistance.

A wide-angle view of a newly finished RV roof inside the FlexArmor Texas shop. The neon lights bounce off the roof highlighting the brilliant white sheen across the roof.

The FlexArmor Texas shop highlights the integrity of the brilliant white sheen across the roof.

FlexArmor quality

Flex Armor is very conscious and very intentional in all they do, particularly when it comes to quality control. All the work is done indoors where your unit is thoroughly stripped of caulking around everything on the roof. There are also certain parts that may be removed for the application process.

All components go through a specialized process to prepare it for a chemical bond with the new roof material. This procedure again, done indoors, allows for ample time to not rush and spend as much time as needed getting the roof ready without weather concerns. The RV is protected during this process by being wrapped in plastic. Once the Flex Armor roof is applied, the new roof is seamless with no caulking to fail or maintain.

“We aren’t just a sprayed RV roof. Our roof kits and techniques are specific to us and RVs. Only authorized locations can purchase our specialized RV roof polyurea. Each product was made and tested to work on all substrates. We specialize in RV roofs only, so not only do you get a superior product, but you also get years of RV roof experience.”

One unique nature of Flex Armor is the fast cure time. The product has a six-second gel time. A quick gel time allows the applicator to apply the roof an average of 3/16-inch thick. A typical RV roof is thin, usually measured in mils, not inches. The thickness of Flex Armor provides strong protection from low hanging branches, hail, and even bridges.

“FlexArmor provides a seamless, truly one-piece roof with no caulking to maintain, and it is extremely hard to damage. We have had roofs where people have gone under bridges and torn off air conditioners and the roofs are still in one piece. And even though it has a hard tear strength, it is flexible enough to move with the unit and weather changes and never gets hard or cracks.”

RV Roof before and after pictures of the vents on the roof. The old vents are heavily caulked. The new coating is brilliant white and has an exceptionally clean look that is smooth under the vents.

The seamless transition of FlexArmor around all the vents and roof caps is exceptional.

FlexArmor longevity

FlexArmor boldly abandoned the repeat customer philosophy when it comes to providing a product that will somehow break down after moderate use, thus forcing you to do the repair all over again. FlexArmor passionately believes they never want to see customers again once they leave.

Product reliability and doing the job right the first time is in the DNA of FlexArmor. They are resolute that unless the consumer buys another RV, the only reason to come back is to take advantage of the no-hassle, straightforward, no-leak warranty.

Bottom line–if a seal ever breaks, they fix it. It’s that simple. FlexArmor has completed thousands of RV roof treatments and has such minimal issues with the bond and applicators, so you don’t find complaints about RV roof failures. Durability, commitment, expertise, and quality are what make FlexArmor stand out on the customer service side.

By making this investment in your RV roof, you transform a highly vulnerable weak point requiring monthly maintenance into a who cares if it is parked in a field mindset. You can now have confidence with peace of mind that you have a leak-proof RV roof for life. Did I mention it is transferable? Whoever the next owner is, they will NEVER worry about RV roof repair again!

The end user commitment 

FlexArmor is a high-grade polyurea that cures in seconds and can be sprayed on in all types of weather. The significance of this claim not only means you can get this done any time of the year, but the six-second dry time allows a FlexArmor roof to be three times thicker than other RV roof materials.

In fact, FlexArmor encourages you to check out a sample to get a “feel” for why this product comes with the Triple Lifetime Guarantee:

  •         No-Leak Guarantee
  •         Protection Guaranteed
  •         Value Guarantee


By making this investment in your RV roof, you transform a highly vulnerable weak point requiring monthly maintenance into a who cares if it is parked in a field mindset. You can now have confidence with peace of mind that you have a leak-proof RV roof for life. Did I mention it is transferable? Whoever the next owner is, they will NEVER worry about RV roof repair again! 

Where can I buy FlexArmor?

The first step in getting your FlexArmor roof is to visit Here, you’ll be able to find a location, get an estimate, or simply learn more about FlexArmor.

There are currently twenty-four locations across the country, and six more will be coming onto the network very soon. For all locations, there is a mandatory minimum training of ten days.

Beyond that, FlexArmor provides 24/7 support to all shops. Briefly, it is no wonder that over half of FlexArmor shops are previous customers. They were so happy with the product and the business philosophy, they quit their jobs and opened shops.


The modern recreational vehicle is appointed to provoke you to venture on the road to amazing areas. Getting there is part of the journey. So, why not get there with the peace of mind that you have invested in future trips with your family under the perfect roof? Visit to learn more about FlexArmor.

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