Portal RV Resort: Go Camping Near Moab, Utah

portal RV resort
Portal RV Resort – Photo via Alan-Kathy Powell on RV LIFE Campgrounds

RV Trip Ideas: Visit Portal RV Resort Near Moab, Utah

Utah is a popular destination for RVers, and it’s easy to see why! This state is full of national and state parks, so it’s the perfect spot for outdoorsy types. There are also some interesting cities too, and many snowbirds like to visit the southern part of the state to beat the heat. Regardless of what you’re looking for, Portal RV Resort can suit your needs.

This upscale resort is located close to two national parks, and it has a wide range of amenities. It’s a nice size as well. Massive parks can feel overcrowded and busy, while tiny parks often lack the amenities that you might be looking for. This is a perfect midsize resort that’s located right in the heart of Moab.

This combination of factors has made Portal RV Resort quite popular. It has earned high ratings across the board, and many guests have stated that they would definitely stay here again. If you’re planning a trip near Moab, keep this park in mind. We’ll explore more details about it in the sections below.

Where is Portal RV Resort?

Portal RV Resort is located at 1261 N Highway 191, Moab, UT. Utah is a fairly dry state, but this resort is located near a large river and a few lakes. It’s a nice green area that contrasts nicely against the famous red rocks of the area.

As mentioned above, this park is in the middle of the road when it comes to size. There are 82 sites in the resort, and all of them come with full hookups. That’s always a nice perk because you might need to run your A/C constantly during the hotter months. The park is open all year long as well, so you can visit any time you’re in the area.

In addition to the RV sites, there are also six rental units on this property. They offer a nice setup to anyone who wants more space or for visitors who don’t have RVs.

Site types and prices

The pricing here is a bit higher than average. The rates may fluctuate based on the season or the time of the week, but average nightly prices are often in the triple digits. You get good value for your money, but it’s important to be aware of the pricing upfront!

The average site types are as follows:

  • Elite Pull-In: $99 per night
  • Elite Back-In: $97 per night
  • Premium Back-In with Pergola: $95 per night
  • Premium Pull-In with Pergola: $95 per night
  • Premium Pull Through with Pergola: $95 per night
  • Premium Pull Through: $91 per night
  • Premium Back-In: $89 per night
  • Premium Pull-In: $89 per night
  • Deluxe Back-In: $69 per night
  • Deluxe Pull Through: $69 per night
  • Standard Pull Through: $62 per night

As you can see, there’s a nice range of site types on the list. No matter what type of accommodation you need, you should be able to find a spot that fits your rig. Some of these sites are up to 75 feet long as well! That’s ideal for anyone who travels with a massive RV.

Vacation home rentals are also available, but they’re much more expensive. Most of them cost between $425 and $449 per night. They’re fully outfitted with luxurious interiors and household essentials. If you’re planning to visit with family or friends, these could be a great investment, but they’re generally too expensive for casual travelers.


No RV resort is complete without a few good amenities. Luckily, Portal Resort RV Resort has plenty of great benefits for guests to enjoy. For starters, the entire resort is pet-friendly. All of the different RV site types allow pets, and there’s an enclosed dog run on the property. You can even stock up on essential animal items at the on-site store!

In addition to the full hookups at each site, there are also public restrooms, laundry rooms, and shower facilities for every guest to enjoy. These are clean and well-maintained, so you can rest assured that you’ll have a good experience.

This resort is also quite modern, so the roads between the sites are smooth and paved. The sites themselves have level concrete pads, picnic tables, and a few decorative touches. Some sites also come with pergolas so you can enjoy additional outdoor space for relaxing and cooking.

Beyond the basics, guests can also enjoy a wide range of activities and modern comforts. Visit the camp store to stock up on RV supplies, pet necessities, ice, and other essentials. You can also visit the rec hall, get a workout in the fitness center, or take a dip in one of the pools. Pickleball and other outdoor games are also offered, so there are plenty of fun ways to pass the time.

As you can see, the park offers lots of perks to its visitors. Whether you stay for a single night or an entire month, you’ll always have something to do. The scenery in the area is also beautiful in a rugged desert way! There are mountains on every side and stunning red rocks.

Nearby activities/attractions

The park designers went out of their way to create an inviting space where guests could relax and have fun. But if you want to venture outside the resort, there are also plenty of interesting attractions and other ways to spend your time.

You don’t have to go far to find something to do! Within 10 miles of Portal RV Resort, you can find opportunities for hiking, biking, mountain climbing, golf, fishing, swimming, and more.

There are also national parks in the area, such as Arches and Canyonlands. These all have their own activities and attractions, so you can easily spend multiple days exploring the area. Make sure you bring your camera so you can capture the rocky beauty of these parks!

Moab itself is an interesting town, so you don’t have to head into the wilderness to see something cool. If you want to explore the city, try visiting the Moab Film Museum, Copper Ridge Dinosaur Trackways, or Rotary Park. There are also lots of rental businesses around here, so you can rent any adventuring equipment that you might need. Enjoy white water rafting and other water spots during your visit!

Don’t forget about food either. Everyone needs a good place to grab a bite and refuel. Fortunately, Moab has a wide selection of restaurants to choose from. Some of the best-rated eateries in town include:

  • Quesadilla Mobilla
  • Arches Thai
  • Moab Diner
  • El Charro Loco
  • Milt’s Stop & Eat
  • Desert Bistro
  • Trailhead Public House & Eatery
  • Moab Spitfire Smokehouse
  • Hidden Cuisine
  • Jailhouse Cafe
  • Antica Forma
  • Thai Bella
  • 98 Center Moab
  • Sabaku Sushi
  • Sunset Grill

Try a few of these out and see what you think! There’s a decent variety of options, so you should be able to find something that everyone in your group can enjoy.

Resort reviews

Finally, it’s time to look at the reviews for Portal RV Resort. It has scored well with visitors, with an average 8.5/10 rating on RV LIFE Campgrounds, and most reviews land in the Good-Excellent range.

Guests enjoyed the size of the sites, the high-end amenities, and the fact that there were two swimming pools. They also mentioned that everything was clean and well-managed. There are a few critiques that are worth mentioning, though. For one, this resort has decorative ponds in the park that tended to attract mosquitos. Some visitors also remarked that the price felt a bit higher than necessary.

According to one recent review,

“This was the most beautiful park with nice landscaping that we have stayed in on our 3 month cross country trip. Our lot was a nice wide concrete pad and we had a special parking place for our Jeep. It had a table and chairs and a wooden platform to put our grill. The view alone was worth the price we paid. It was easy to get into and out of and was only a couple of miles from Arches National Park and a mile from downtown Moab. I would definitely stay here again, and would stay longer as they have 2 pools and 2 hot tubs. Not all the lots were the same, but this one was fantastic. We camped at Portal RV Resort in a Motorhome.”

– via DaveBethune

See more guest feedback on RV LIFE Campground Reviews. If you want to learn more about this resort and book a reservation, visit the park website at robertsresorts.com.

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