Plan Your Next Adventure in These Countries Where The U.S. Dollar Is Strong

Traveling and experiencing the world doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. There are some incredible destinations around the world with a favorable exchange rate with the U.S. dollar. If you are living in the U.S. and earning U.S. dollars, then look no further than this list of travel destinations that’ll give you more bang for your buck.

We’ve used the latest currency exchange rates as of August 2023 and compiled some of the most affordable locations where the dollar stretches the furthest. Using the Budget Your Trip calculator for average-quality amenities like hotels, transportation, and meals, we’ve done a lot of the research for you.

Current Exchange Rates as of August 2023
Greece 1 USD = .92 Euro
India  1 USD = 83.18 Rupee
Brazil 1 USD = 4.97 Real
South Africa 1 USD = 19 Rand
Turkey 1 USD = 27.10 Turkish lira
Philippines 1 USD = 56.22 Philippine peso
Indonesia 1 USD = 15,321.25 Indonesian Rupiah
Argentina 1 USD = 349.92 Argentine Peso
Colombia 1 USD = 4,119.00 Colombian Peso
Egypt 1 USD = 30.89 Egyptian Pound

Greece – Average cost per day: $55-$65

Image by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino

Explore the historic Acropolis of Athens and cruise to stunning Santorini to watch the sunset over the Aegean Sea. Traveling in Greece is an odyssey through time, where ancient mythology comes alive in ruins, and idyllic islands offer a blend of relaxation and adventure with a gorgeous backdrop of bright blue water. In this EU country, savor delectable tzatziki, baklava, and goat cheese with honey amid picturesque white sands.

The most popular tourist destinations in Greece include Athens with its Acropolis, Santorini’s breathtaking sunsets, the ancient ruins of Delphi, the historic city of Thessaloniki, and the stunning beaches of Mykonos.

India – Average cost per day: $40

Image by Mayur Kakade

India astounds with iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and the intricate temples of Varanasi along the Ganges River. Traveling in India is an immersive experience of contrasts, where the chaotic streets pulse with vibrant life, and ancient traditions coexist with modern bustle, creating an extraordinary blend of city and architectural marvels that ignite the senses.

Sample biryani, samosas, and dosas in the bustling streets of Delhi, and relax on beaches in Goa—the quality of travel experience doesn’t even come close to the minimal price of traveling in India.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations in India are the iconic Taj Mahal in Agra, the spiritual city of Varanasi along the Ganges River, the vibrant Pink City of Jaipur, and the serene backwaters of Kerala.

Brazil – Average cost per day: $89

Image by Giordano Cipriani

From the awe-inspiring Christ the Redeemer statue towering over Rio de Janeiro to white-sand beaches to the expanse of the Amazon Rainforest and its incredible wildlife—Brazil has it all. Journey through cultural rhythms and natural wonders and bask in the sun at Ipanema Beach in Rio while listening to samba beats. Embrace your wild side at Carnival and the lively nightlife scene or relax in the lush mountains and brilliant beaches. Cross of Iguazu Falls from your bucket list and venture to São Paulo for incredible food like feijoada, pastel, coxinha, and pão de queijo.

Other not-to-miss tourist destinations in Brazil include Salvador’s beautiful historic center with pastel-hued buildings, an expedition through the diverse Amazon Rainforest, and the tropical beaches of Florianópolis.

South Africa – Average cost per day: $90

Image by Johannes Mann

South Africa beckons with a world of unforgettable experiences. Though the flight might be expensive, if you’re lucky enough to get a good deal, it’s definitely worth the cost. Hike the iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town and venture to see savannah wildlife in the majestic Kruger National Park. Visit Boulders Beach and see penguins in the wild. Modern cities turn into endless wilderness, offering thrilling safaris, vibrant cultures, and breathtaking vistas that leave a lasting imprint on any traveler’s heart.

Popular tourist destinations in South Africa include the iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town, the historical Robben Island, the vibrant V&A Waterfront, the stunning landscapes of the Garden Route, Stellenbosch, and the breathtaking Drakensberg.

Turkey – Average cost per day: $34 

Image by SW Photography

Turkey enthralls visitors with its rich history. Gaze upon the ancient marvel of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and explore the surreal landscapes of Cappadocia’s fairy chimney rock formations. Traveling through Turkey is a sensory delight, where the aroma of exotic spices wafts through bustling bazaars and the echoes of empires resonate in architectural wonders. The country boasts an unforgettable fusion of Europe and Asia, of East and West, across the Bosphorus Strait.

With a history of art including Byzantine and Ottoman glories of Istanbul, beaches, and the sun-soaked Mediterranean, you’ll fall short of time taking in the delicious cuisine and exploring this beautiful country.

Don’t miss the Blue Mosque, the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia, the ancient ruins of Ephesus, the stunning beaches of Antalya, and the thermal springs of Pamukkale.

Philippines – Average cost per day: $66 

Image by Marco Bottigelli

The Philippines boasts stunning sights, such as the pristine sand beaches of Palawan, surfing at Siargao, and venturing through the mesmerizing Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Traveling in the Philippines is an immersion into a tropical paradise, where crystal-clear waters embrace vibrant marine life and the warmth of the locals matches the radiant sunsets, making it a haven for relaxation and exploration alike, but without all the crowds.

Don’t miss the paradise-like beaches of Boracay, the vibrant city of Manila, the stunning rice terraces of Banaue, and the many serene islands’ beauty.

Indonesia – Average cost per day: $61

Image by Francesco Riccardo Iacomino

Explore ancient temples in Borobudur and idyllic beaches in Bali in this extremely affordable travel destination. Traveling through Indonesia is a journey of endless discovery, where lush rainforests lead to mist-shrouded volcanoes, and diverse cultures weave through the varied cities, with delicious food and ancient monuments. Indonesia offers a harmonious blend of adventure and natural beauty.

Don’t forget to explore the cultural hub of Bali with its lush landscapes and temples, the ancient wonder of Borobudur in Yogyakarta, the diverse marine life of Raja Ampat, the bustling capital city Jakarta, and the volcanic beauty of Mount Bromo.

Argentina – Average cost per day: $33

Image by Galen Rowell

Argentina beckons with the tango-filled city streets to the pristine wilderness of Patagonia’s glaciers. Where lively cities blend seamlessly with vast landscapes, visit the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, then venture to the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls (which sits on the border of Argentina and Brazil) and Tierra del Fuego. Explore the wine regions of Mendoza and the breathtaking Andes Mountains in this affordable destination.

Colombia – Average cost per day: $43

Image by Carl & Ann Purcell

Colombia boasts a diverse array of wonders, from the vibrant street art of Bogotá to the enchanting old town of Cartagena. Traveling in Colombia is an immersive experience of lively markets, lush coffee plantations, and warm-hearted locals, where historical charm meets natural beauty, creating a journey that surprises and delights at every turn.

Explore the historic city of Cartagena with its colonial architecture, the picturesque Coffee Triangle region, the vibrant capital city of Bogotá, the stunning beaches of San Andres and Providencia islands, and the lush landscapes of Medellín in this incredible, yet low-cost destination.

Egypt – Average cost per day: $26

Image by Anton Petrus

The ancient city of Egypt has long beckoned travelers from around the world. Be mesmerized by the enigmatic Sphinx and see the ancient temples of Luxor at a fraction of the cost of many European destinations. Traveling in Egypt is a journey through time, where the Nile’s fertile banks host iconic landmarks, bustling bazaars exude vibrant energy, and the warm embrace of history intertwines with the allure of the desert, creating an awe-inspiring adventure that immerses visitors in the heart of antiquity.

You can’t go to Egypt and not see the iconic Pyramids of Giza, the historic treasures of Luxor including the Karnak Temple and Valley of the Kings, the bustling city of Cairo, the Red Sea resort town of Sharm El Sheikh, and the tranquil beauty of the Nile River—all for an incredibly low cost.