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If you attended an RV show in Hershey, Pa., this weekend and thought you saw Pink there, you weren’t imagining things, according to a report by Movin925.com.

On Saturday, Sept. 16, Pink posted footage of herself and her kids in the back of a car, announcing, “Here we are in Hershey. We flew in special for the RV show, because mama wants to walk up and down the aisles and look into other people’s RVs. And papa got us … disguises.”

She then distributed a Batman mask to son Jameson and a Bluey mask to daughter Willow, and donned a Mario mask herself. “I feel like this is really going to make us super incognito,” she joked.

Sadly, we didn’t get to see any photos of the insides of “other people’s RVs.” But Pink did include some photos of the kids riding on rides and playing games.

The disguises, by the way, were a total fail. One fan commented, “I saw you today at the RV show but wanted to respect your space and family time. I was a bit shook seeing you standing right next to me.” Another fan added, “We saw you but respectfully fan girled in silence. It was neat to just be in the same camper as you!”

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/pink-and-family-attend-the-hershey-rv-show-in-disguise/