nuCamp Releases New App Connecting Camping Community

SUGARCREEK, Ohio – nuCamp, a major manufacturer of campers and teardrop trailers, launched its app on Aug. 22, according to a press release from the company. This first-of-its-kind, free app features four prominent highlights, including connecting owners. The app was developed to further engagement and cultivate connections within the nuCamp community.

nuCamp has an active community of owners which helps to set them apart from other manufacturers. It is largely for that reason why the company created uCamp: the app. When nuCamp chose to name the app after their annual teardrop trailer rally, they opted to pay homage to an event where many arrive as strangers and leave as friends. The company hopes to offer the same experience with this offering.

The app has three features that ANY RV owner can use to enhance their camping experience: trip planning, memory and photo journaling, and sharing those experiences with family and friends.

Perhaps the app’s hallmark is the CONNECT feature. This unique element enables the user to link with other campers in a way much like the popular Life360 app. A user can simply turn on their location and allow themselves to be discovered by fellow uCamp users camping in the area.

Two other features designed explicitly for nuCamp owners include product support and an online store. The support feature provides owners easy access to the nuCamp knowledge base, FAQs, support articles, product manuals, and contact information for the nuCamp customer experience and warranty teams. The online store piece coincided with the launch of the all-new nuCamp branded apparel store based on the nuCamp website.

nuCamp partnered with Augustwenty, an Ohio-based software development consultancy nearly a year ago to tackle this massive undertaking. The synergy created between the two companies brought ideas to life and improved upon them along the way.

nuCamp CEO Scott Hubble stated, “At nuCamp, we continually look for ways to enhance our customers’ experience. Our interaction doesn’t stop when a camper is purchased. The owners become part of the nuCamp family, and we love seeing the adventures and helping them get the most out of every trip.” Hubble added, “The CONNECT feature will continue to bring the feeling of comradery and community to owners all the time — not just at rallies and events. This aspect of the app sets it apart from other apps in the space. Augustwenty’s experience and knowledge throughout the project was indispensable.”

The nuCamp app is available for download via the Apple App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android.

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