NRVTA Releases Schedule of Courses for Upcoming Year

ATHENS, Texas – The National RV Training Academy (NRVTA) today (Aug. 8) released its 2023 course schedule for its four approved programs that offer certification training for RV technicians and inspectors.

Certification programs all begin with RV Fundamentals as the basic maintenance training class for people becoming RV technicians, inspectors or RV owners. RV owners utilize the training to perform their own maintenance and common repairs.

In 2023, prospective students have 21 date choices to begin the RV Fundamental class. Seven of the 21 date options are reserved specifically for RV owners who are not moving into a certification training program. However, once this class is completed, most students will move into one of these approved programs:

The RV Service Technician Program can be completed in only one week and includes six total days of training. Graduates earn 48 contact hours and can become registered RV technicians with the RV Technician Association of America (RVTAA).

The Advanced RV Service Technician Program can be completed in five weeks and includes 26 total days of training. Graduates earn 188 contact hours and become RVTAA Certified RV Technicians.

The Master RV Service Technician Program is offered to RVTAA Certified RV Technicians who have three years of experience and are now ready to complete advanced courses on solar power and RV generators. This program can be completed in two weeks and includes 11 total days of training. Graduates earn 78 contact hours and become RVTAA Master Certified RV Technicians.

The RV Inspector Program can be completed in three weeks and includes 16 total days of training. Graduates of this program earn 128 contact hours and become certified RV inspectors with the National RV Inspectors Association (NRVIA).

For certified RV technicians, four extra weeks of advanced courses are required, including RV Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps, RV Exterior Systems, RV Absorption Refrigerators, and RV Water Heaters and Furnaces. At the end of the final week, an exam review is conducted on Saturday to help students prepare for the RVTAA certification exam.

For inspectors, there are two additional weeks of training beyond the RV Fundamentals class that are required to graduate. Those classes include Principles of an RV Inspection and Advanced RV Inspector Training as well as an exam review to prepare for the NRVIA inspector certification exam.

The RV Fundamentals course features 28 hours of lectures and 12 hours of hands-on labs. All advanced classes for inspectors and technicians each include 11 to 16 hours of classroom instruction and 24 hours of hands-on labs.

Certification exams are scheduled to take place immediately after advanced training. “This ensures students can meet all requirements, graduate and leave campus quickly to begin a job or start a business,” said Stephanie Henson, NRVTA director of administration.

Next year’s schedule includes a summer break from July 3 to 7, a Thanksgiving break from Nov. 20 to 24, and an end-of-year break from Dec. 25 to 29, during which the entire academy is closed for instruction.

“The class schedule for 2022 progressed extremely well, which allowed us to maximize the use of our facilities and enroll many more students than we could in the past,” said Henson. “The organization of class flow gives our instructors flexibility to work three to four weeks straight and then return to their independent businesses when they’re not teaching. This allows us to have an average of 90 students on campus every week.

“As of Aug. 27, we had 785 program graduates so far this year. We anticipate another 320 graduates for the remaining weeks of 2022, which would put us over 1,100 this year,” she added. “Program graduates are newly-certified inspectors or technicians successfully working within the RV Industry. The industry has a tremendous need for more quality-trained technicians and inspectors.

“We anticipate 2023 will involve much of the same success we’ve seen so far this year,” said Henson. “However, we are in the development and research phase of offering two new programs which we hope to announce later this year or in early 2023. They will be added to the class schedule once approved by the Texas Workforce Commission.

“Prospective students are encouraged to register for courses quickly because class space is limited. This year, many students had to wait three to four months – or longer – to enroll in classes due to heavy demand,” said Henson. “Because of our instructor-to-student ratios, we limit class sizes based upon equipment availability and teaching staff needs. Students can enroll in 2023 courses now with just a 25 percent seat deposit. Several students have already enrolled into our 2023 courses and we are enrolling out as far as July.”

To see the full schedule, program offerings and course subjects, visit NRVTA’s website to access the current course catalog here.

For more information about NRVTA’s training programs, visit, email [email protected] or call 903-386-0444 to speak with a student advisor.