Newmar Presents: Mise en Place—A Culinary RV Adventure

Want to know what it’s like to live and travel in a luxurious Newmar motorhome? Then hit play on the video above. The clip introduces us to Monica and Bill Monte, who love to explore the US in their Kountry Star coach. The comfortable and well-appointed home-on-wheels provide everything they need, including a beautiful kitchen where Monica—a gourmet home chef—can create her culinary masterpieces.

Newmar Kountry Star

Photo Credit: Newmar

When Monica and Bill first decided to dive into the RV lifestyle, they did a lot of research to find the vehicle that best met their needs. Eventually, they discovered the Newmar Kountry Star, which, as you’ll see, is a sophisticated and refined motor coach.

To learn more about the couple and their RV adventures, visit the Newmar website, where you can explore all of the amazing vehicles in the Newmar lineup.

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