New York DEC warns of shark migrations – Outdoor News

Kings Point, N.Y. — The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has issued guidance to promote public safety at ocean beaches and help minimize the risk of negative interactions between people and sharks.

The annual summer migration of sharks into New York’s coastal waters is underway and sightings of shark activity in the nearshore ocean waters is expected to increase during the summer months. DEC encourages New Yorkers to be aware of their surroundings in the water with the potential for shark-human interactions and follow DEC guidelines to minimize the risk of negative interactions.


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To reduce and minimize potential interactions with sharks, New Yorkers are encouraged to take the following steps:

• Avoid areas with seals;

• Avoid areas with schools of fish, splashing fish, or diving seabirds;

• Avoid swimming at dusk, night, and dawn;

• Avoid murky water;

• Swim, paddle, and surf in groups;

• Stay close to shore, where feet can touch the bottom; and

• Always follow the instructions of lifeguards and park staff.

Although it is impossible to eliminate risk altogether, ocean users can modify their behavior to minimize potential interactions with sharks and reduce overall risk.

While human-shark interactions are rare, DEC encourages the public to follow shark safety guidance to help minimize the risk of negative interactions with sharks this summer,” DEC Interim Commissioner Sean Mahar said.

Sharks have existed in New York’s marine waters for millions of years. Today there are more than 13 shark species that migrate through New York’s marine waters each year. Each shark species has unique habitat and food preferences and plays an important role in maintaining a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem.

Sharks can prevent other species from monopolizing limited resources and degrading the marine environment. The presence of sharks in New York’s marine waters is a positive sign of a healthy marine ecosystem.

Learn more about sharks around New York at the DEC website.