New Species of Paragliding Gecko Discovered in India

There are flying squirrels, but did you know there are also flying geckos? A new species of gecko has been discovered by scientists; but more importantly, it’s a gecko that can fly. This air-borne gecko, one of genus Gekko, subgenus mizoramensis, is dubbed a parachute gecko for its ability to glide from place to place. While flying geckos are natively distributed across Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, this newly discovered paragliding reptile was found in India. 

Crouching Tiger, Flying Gecko

How do paragliding geckos “fly”? Parachute geckos use enlarged skin flaps along their body to glide from place to place and for camouflage. These skin flaps run along their body, limbs, and tail and are similar in appearance to webbed feet with a parachuting effect. These enlarged flaps also allow them to blend in easily and serve as a Peter-Pan-esque shadow removal to blend in perfectly while perched motionlessly on trees.

Flying geckos reportedly can glide up to 200 feet, typically landing with a gentle swoop. They are infinitely restless and nocturnal, with a night-life that revolves around the use of scent-simulations for protection and gliding from one tree to another.

Can You Have Them as Pets?

While incredibly charming, flying geckos are quite rare, but some other species of flying gecko have found their way into homes, making an unusual pet.

Watch video of a flying gecko: