New Short Film Explores Solitude and Empty Waves in Scotland

In many ways, this juxtaposition of past and present is the crux of the film, which its title—hireth means “a longing or a yearning for something or somewhere that you can’t return to” in Cornish—alludes to. “During the trip, the sense of ‘hireth’ was felt as both loss and discovery,” Lay tells Field Mag. “From a surfing perspective, the feeling of loss comes from the boom in surfing and the dwindling opportunity to surf in such splendid solitude.”

It’s hard not to marvel at the “splendid solitude” in Hireth, which perfectly depicts the rawness of cold water surfing and the wild beauty of the Scottish Isles that appear to have almost been frozen in time.

Yet, as Lay explains, it’s not merely discovering that picturesque beach breaks free of crowded lineups still exist (if you’re willing to find them), it’s acknowledging that what connects surfers, or anyone to a place, and here, perhaps even past to present, are the people.