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RICHMOND, B.C. – Dale Hopkins, the newly appointed Chairman of the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) of Canada, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming year and provided insights into his vision for the association, according to a release.

Dynamic Leadership for the RV Industry

With a seasoned background in the RV industry, Hopkins is poised to lead the RVDA of Canada into a dynamic and progressive future. His vision is centered on building upon the association’s current successes and steering it toward new heights of excellence.

Continued Advocacy Excellence

As Hopkins steps into his role as chairman, he aims to continue the impactful advocacy work that has been a hallmark of the RVDA of Canada in recent years. He acknowledged the achievements of the association, including significant wins such as the luxury tax exemption, Electronic Logging Device (ELD) exemption, and the extension of fifth-wheel lengths. Looking ahead, Hopkins expressed his eagerness to address additional priorities that will contribute to the industry’s growth and resilience.

“I’m thrilled to take on this role and continue the great work that the RVDA has been doing. We have more items on our agenda, and I’m looking forward to steering them forward,” said Hopkins.

Navigating Changing Dealership Landscapes

One of the significant areas of focus mentioned by Hopkins is the evolving landscape of RV dealerships, marked by consolidations and closures. He stressed the importance of reaching out to new corporate groups, ensuring their understanding of the RVDA of Canada’s role in supporting the industry, particularly during challenging economic times.

Strengthening Partnerships and Support

In his pursuit of ambitious goals for the association, Hopkins is resolutely committed to realizing the outlined objectives in its strategic plan. His strategy involves prioritizing advocacy days and fortifying partnerships with endorsement associates, aiming to provide augmented support to RV dealers nationwide. Fostering collaborations with industry stakeholders, including provincial and regional RV associations, Go RVing Canada, the Canadian Camping and RV Association, and U.S. partners, is integral to Hopkins’ vision. He emphasizes the collective effort needed to communicate the advantages of association membership and garner support for all members in the industry.

Proactive Safety Measures and Environmental Advocacy

In addressing legislative and regulatory objectives, Hopkins emphasizes the significance of proactive safety measures within the industry. His vision involves advocating for self-regulation on critical safety issues, demonstrating leadership, and prioritizing the well-being of industry participants. Additionally, Hopkins underscores the association’s role in promoting sustainability and environmental concerns. Ongoing advocacy efforts will address infrastructure concerns for towing RVs and services in campgrounds and parks. He stresses the need for collaborative advocacy to ensure essential infrastructure, such as electrical grid upgrades, is in place for a sustainable RV industry.

Positive Economic Outlook

Regarding economic impact, Hopkins acknowledged the RV industry’s strong economic contribution and its role as an affordable alternative for middle-class families. He anticipated a positive shift in 2024 with decreasing unit prices, favourable exchange rates, and potential interest rate adjustments.

Encouraging Industry Participation

Hopkins encouraged industry members to actively participate in outreach programs, advocacy, and work with the RVDA of Canada He expressed his commitment to meeting dealers across Canada, attending AGMs, and working together to enhance the overall Canadian RV industry in 2024.