New Minimal Light Phone III Is the Answer to Digital Distraction

Available for pre-order as of today with delivery slated for January 2025, the Light Phone III brings the tenets of minimalism to the world of smartphones by doing away with all the digital clutter that takes your time and attention. Like its predecessors—the OG Light Phone and Light Phone II—it has no social media, no news app, no email. And the minimalism extends to the stylish design. It has a sleek, rectangular body, a monochromatic black colorway, and an e-reader-esque matte paper screen, which reduces eye strain thanks to its lack of blue light.

Beyond essential features like calling and texting the phone offers native applications like notes, alarms, timers, and storage for music and podcasts (yes it comes with a standard headphone jack), the new model III comes with some intentional upgrades that increase functionality and longevity. Central to the new design, which is now equipped with 5G signal and an NFC chip to support a digital wallet, is a front and rear-facing camera, which is activated with a physical shutter button for real a point-and-shoot action. The cameras also will allow users to take video calls. And GPS support allows for navigation directions. Fingerprint ID helps keep your info safe, and a USB-C port and flashlight round out the tool kit.

Combining the vital functions of a cellphone with a curated selection of fun and useful tools, the Light Phone III is a happy middle ground, giving you the conveniences of a smartphone without distractions.