New Documentary ‘Life on Our Planet’ Brings Extinct Animals Back to Life

The trailer for the new documentary series Life on Our Planet was released on Tuesday. The eight-part series, narrated by actor Morgan Freeman, tells the story of the “rise and fall” of animals on Earth.  

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“This is the story of the great battles of survival,” said Freeman as saber tooth tigers roar and tyrannosaurs bite at each other on screen. “And the dynasties that would take over the world from the beginning of life to today.”

Using the five mass extinction events as a timeline, Life on Our Planet shows the cycle of life as it has evolved from single-celled organisms to exists on Earth in the present day. 

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“By understanding our past, we can help shape our future,” said Keith Scholey, Silverback series producer. “The sixth mass extinction we’re currently living through is the first one created by an animal, and also the first one that can be averted completely.”

The series was the result of a collaboration with Silverback Films, Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television, and visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic, according to an announcement for the film. 

For the nature documentary, the filmmakers used “the latest technology and science to bring long-extinct creatures back to life.” The result is a “dramatic, photo-real” depiction. 

Watch Life on Our Planet beginning Oct. 25 on Netflix.