Mountain Hardwear’s Reissue Revives Outerwear from 1993

As longtime gear lovers and lifelong children of Mother Nature, we here at Field Mag HQ always applaud when a classic brand digs into the archives for inspiration. And Mountain Hardwear’s new Reissue collection is a fine example of when crate digging goes right. Celebrating the California outdoor apparel and gear brand’s 30th anniversary, the Reissue capsule pulls outerwear and accessories from its 1993 catalog into 2023.

Improving on the nostalgic designs with the lightweight, waterproof and often recycled materials—and without changing the look—iconic pieces by the brand’s original designer and founder Ingrid Harshbarger are born anew. And in supremely good colorways, we might add.

The Mountain Hardwear Reissue Collection is available today, 2 October 2023, with three unisex outerwear pieces at the core: the Exposure Gore-Tex Parka Reissue, Subzero Down Jacket Reissue, and Windstopper Tech Jacket Reissue.