Modern Buggy RV Adds Western Dealers, Skips Hershey – RVBusiness – Breaking RV Industry News

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. – “We have worked very hard at expanding Westward by giving Dealers an opportunity to see units at their convenience, wherever that may be,” said Chase Rhode with Field and Sports with regard to Modern Buggy RV’s efforts to expand its dealer network.

“We have scheduled drive-bys, virtual visits, worked different expos, and in some cases even paying for spaces in RV Parks. Just doing what it takes and being near where dealers asked us to be, making it easier for them, is what it’s ultimately all about.”

Scott Rhode

“Co-owner Earl William’s phone and email have been blowing up all summer long. From word of mouth and dealer endorsements, we have added more distribution especially out West. We still have markets to fill, but Modern Buggies overland features, weights and lengths are perfect for the western buyers. From RV World in Minnesota, to Carson City RV in Nevada, General RV in Salt Lake City, Midway Auto and RV in Montana and Wyoming, Big Frank’s in Bozeman, and others in Idaho, Texas, Canada, and many more in a ‘holding pattern’ until they come to Expo,” Rhode said. “We have never wanted 300 dealers or to sell to wholesalers like other brands. We want to give our dealers bigger territories, each selling more, and with better margins. Based on the response we have had; our biggest concern going in to the Open House might be if some dealers don’t visit our display early enough and someone else signs up for their market(s)!”

Earl Williams

“Being aggressive in today’s economic environment is no different than it’s ever been, but we have decided to skip Hershey this year and focus on the Open House,” said Earl Williams co-owner of Modern Buggy. “There are lots of brands out there, but the beauty is dealers don’t have what we are building. We have heard from everyone and everywhere dealers biggest needs are this category; affordable overland and lightweight under 2500 pounds and EV ready products. Many dealers are specifically going to Expo just to find products like ours. Great thing is Modern Buggy is not overlapping any of their existing teardrops, laminated or metal sided products. Our product is growing their business, incremental sales. We have been building 2024’s all summer and unlike other brands, Dealers won’t have to sell off a glut of 22’s and 23’s, nor sell against new 24’s on their lots.”