Meyer Distributing Announces Goldsboro, N.C., Location

JASPER, Ind. – Meyer Distributing Inc., a leader in automotive specialty products marketing and distribution, announces the addition of its Goldsboro, N.C.. crossdock.

The cross-dock will have a direct feed from Meyer’s Northeast distribution hub, which houses one of the largest inventories of automotive accessories, crash parts, and RV parts in the region.

“The Carolinas have always been a very strong market for truck accessories and equipment,” says Cody Ziegler, VP of Sales at Meyer. “And now we’re looking forward to bringing the same level of inventory depth and expertise in those core categories to the offroad/Jeep/Bronco and RV markets. Meyer is a household name in both of these categories, and we appreciate the support from customers and vendors alike.”

“Eastern North Carolina has always been a logistically difficult area for Meyer to serve,” states Jeff Braun, CEO of Meyer. “This new dock will solve those logistical challenges taking these customers on the Carolina coast from once or twice per week delivery to next day delivery up to 5 times a week. This was one of the last regions of the U.S. with populations of this size not getting daily delivery opportunities, and we are excited to put that pin in the map.”

Meyer Distributing has numerous strategically positioned warehousing facilities and serves thousands of customers nationwide via Meyer Logistics direct ship.