Meet the Upstart Making Insurance Easy for Adventurous People

As you might expect, Spot’s founders were frustrated with the available options for injury insurance, the complexities of in- and out-of-network costs, and high deductibles, all qualities of the catastrophic plans many adventurous folks wind up on. Taking the approach of a tech company, Spot has figured out how to fill these gaps, providing injury insurance to its members on the cheap—so cheap, you might’ve already been covered by Spot without even knowing it.

Working predominantly B2B, the company has partnered directly with ski resorts like Jackson Hole, Powder Mountain, and all Alterra-owned resorts to provide skiers and snowboarders with the option to add Spot insurance to their lift ticket or season pass purchase—just $6 per ticket or $65 per pass covers up to $25,000 in medical bills per on-mountain injury. If you’re an Ikon Pass holder, you can buy coverage too, thanks to a recently inked deal. Any trip to ski patrol (or worse) is covered. And if you already had health insurance, Spot would take care of any extra out-of-pocket fees.