Meet the New VALLON Monoshade, Modern Eyewear for Cycling

When it comes to the Watchtowers, three interchangeable silicone nose pieces improve fit and ventilation, while the shatterproof lenses made of polycarbonate plastic protect from road debris, gravel, and branches. The Carl ZEISS proprietary RiPel coating acts as a hydro-oleophobic barrier to repel water and oil—which is particularly important for clear vision and safety, regardless of your sport of choice.

Adding a sustainability angle, the Watchtowers feature frames made of 85 percent upcycled fishing nets, which are cleaned and then fused into a durable and flexible nylon 6 that ranges in density from the brow to the temple. You’ll find brown or gray lens tints in most VALLON styles, a design choice that enhances contrast and amplifies natural shades and visibility in a range of outdoor conditions.

VALLON is starting 2024 strong with the launch of the Watchtowers, and the brothers say you can expect even more lifestyle and performance products slated this year. Classic style meets maximum performance—you already know we’ll be keeping an eye out.