Macerator Toilet Systems – the Eco-friendly Solution for RV bathrooms!

Install a Macerator Toilet System –

the Eco-friendly Solution for RV bathrooms!

Your RV bathroom may provide you with all the comforts of your home; but, generally speaking, it does require more care and maintenance. RV bathrooms typically feature plastic fixtures with limited holding capacity of waste and, therefore, potential for clogs.

With Saniflo’s Sanimarin range, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort and practicality while on the road. Our macerator toilet system, which has been patented for over 60 years, provides quiet operation, lower water consumption, and an eco-friendly solution to portable bathrooms.

Saniflo macerating systems are also easy to install and can be affixed atop any finished floor.​​ This allows you to easily replace your old toilet with a new Sanimarine in your RV.

Saniflo offers two models of electric macerating toilet systems for your RV bathroom.

  • The Sanimarin 4 fills the role of a traditional toilet with its standard height and user-friendly bowl size. It can discharge effluent through 1-inch or 1.5-inch plastic pipe 10 feet vertically and/or 100 feet horizontally.
  • For more confined spaces, the Sanimarin 31 offers a low-profile, compact design with a contemporary finish and quiet operation. It also discharges effluent 10 feet vertically and/or 100 feet horizontally through 1-inch or 1.5-inch plastic pipe.

Both toilet systems have a powerful stainless steel macerating blade, a soft-close toilet seat with mounting hardware, and a control panel with different flushing options.

For shower or sink installations in the RV, the Sanimarin Pump makes it easy to remove gray water quickly. This compact and quiet unit is easy to install in all configurations and highly efficient. Its discharge is 12 feet vertically and/or 120 feet horizontally with 0.75-inch or 1-inch plastic pipe.

How does an RV macerating pump work?

  1. After activation of the flush mechanism, the motor starts automatically.
  2. The system macerates organic waste and paper into fine particles in 3-6 seconds.
  3. Waste is then discharged through a standard 1-inch or 1.5-inch pipe.
  4. The tank is then emptied, and the S-trap from the toilet is refilled with water.

Benefits of the Sanimarin Range

  • Easy disposal of waste tank contents: Having a black water tank installed in the RV lets you dispose of waste contents less frequently because of the larger holding capacity than other portable tanks.
  • Compact and powerful flushing system: With pumping capabilities of up to 10 feet vertically and/or 100 feet horizontally, the Sanimarin systems can discharge wastewater to a holding tank wherever it’s located in the RV. The electric units were designed for easy installation and silent operation, ensuring users are comfortable all the time.
  • Less water and electricity usage: With its efficient flushing system, water consumption is reduced to a minimum, while the range’s ultra-low electricity consumption helps keep the RV running longer.
  • Sturdy design with a reliable three-year limited warranty: The Sanimarin range will replace hand pump toilets easily, while also providing more features and reliability. In fact, it is just as comfortable as your toilet at home. While most Saniflo products come with a two-year limited warranty, you can gain an additional year when you register your pump online.

What to Look for in a Macerator…

  • Durability and long efficiency
  • Tested reliability
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • Low cost and easy installation
  • Compact Size
  • Installation flexibility anywhere on the RV
  • Protection from clogs and build-up
  • Eco-friendly features, such as dual-flush options

Saniflo wants you to enjoy the pleasures of RV life without the aggravating disruptions of a plumbing-line clog caused by your toilet or shower. To maximize your fun on the road, be sure to install one of Saniflo’s macerating systems in your RV bathroom. Saniflo offers the best RV toilet that gives you peace of mind with every flush.

Saniflo has made significant contributions to the RV ecosystem – check out these Greenhouse agency links to read about the company’s recent efforts and achievements: