Lippert Introduces Anti-Lock Braking System Designed for Trailers

Towing a travel trailer or fifth wheel is about to get much safer, thanks to Lippert Components. The RV parts manufacturer has announced an innovative new anti-lock braking system (ABS) that promises to improve safety and stability on the road. It does that by seamlessly integrating with the electric brakes in Lippert’s own Spring Axle line of products, bringing enhancing driver confidence as a result.

The new Lippert ABS platform works with the brakes already installed on a trailer, preventing wheel-lock while enhancing control. This is especially notable in wet and slick conditions when a trailer is more likely to begin fishtailing, potentially creating a dangerous situation. The anti-lock brakes will assist the driver in maintaining control under those circumstances while dramatically reducing stopping distance and time, even on dry roads.

Lippert Anti-Lock Braking System

Photo Credit: Lippert

“We are thrilled to be bringing proven automotive technology into our axle program to offer to the RV and Utility trailer markets,” Lippert’s Chief Sales Officer Andy Murray said in a press release announcing the new system. “We are more focused than ever on developing products that are focused on providing a better user experience, and this product certainly checks that box.”

In addition to integrating with the brakes found on a trailer that uses Spring Axle components, the new ABS connects with Lippert’s OneControl smartphone app (iOS/Android). This allows drivers to keep close tabs on their speed and distance traveled while monitoring the status of the brakes directly from an iPhone or Android device. The system works with or without a brake controller, regardless of if that controller was installed at the factory or as an after-market add-on.

“Our product development teams are continually raising the bar on safety and security products, and our new anti-lock brake system is one of the most exciting new products we have launched in this category of focus for Lippert,” said Jason Lippert, the company’s President, and CEO.

Lippert Anti-Lock Braking System

Photo Credit: Lippert

He added, “With the influx of new RVers due to the ongoing pandemic, we feel the need to offer more products like the ABS that will give these RVers a better and safer experience. A better towing experience will inevitably keep these RVers in the lifestyle for years to come.”

The Lippert Ant-Lock Braking system is available now. Visit the Lippert Website for more information.

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