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The interior of the Lance Squire SQ19, above. At top is Lance National Sales Manager Gary Conley outside the Squire at the Florida RV SuperShow.

Lance Camper started from humble beginnings by building and selling truck bed toppers and slide-in bed campers directly from a 500-square-foot shop, according to a company communication. Richard Murray began the company in 1965 and later recruited Ron Mertes. The company then became M&M Trailer Supply, located in North Hollywood, Calif.

The company quickly grew and began to foster a reputation as a high-quality manufacturer. The decision was made to brand the product and Lance(r) was born! That’s right. The Lance Camper that you know and love was originally known as Lancer! Not only that, but the Lancer was in reference to a mounted jousting knight, and that first mascot adorned all the early campers. After a number of years under the Lancer knight, the name was shortened to the Lance you know today.

Some years later, Lance campers began to be known by several different sub-monikers. The names Max, Legend, and Squire were offered as trim levels of the Lance camper, each differentiating itself from the other in feature content and base price.

Squire became a hot-selling level of camper, and the name drew from medieval origins as a nod to and an Easter egg back to the history of the company. A squire is a young nobleman acting as an attendant to a knight before becoming a knight himself.

The Squire is every bit the quality and construction of the Lance, but without the same feature frills and at a more approachable value. Just as a squire has all the makings and potential of a knight!

The first Squire by Lance floorplan, SQ19, has a floor length of 19 feet, 2 inches and a dry weight of 4,380 pounds. The SQ19 layout is a tried-and-true memory machine. Not too big. Not too small. Just right for the weekend warrior or the extended trip nomad. At under 4,500 pounds dry weight and under 24 feet total tow length, the SQ19 is towable by most mid-size and up trucks or SUVs while also being maneuverable into those smaller campgrounds or the “gem” secluded spots some other rigs can’t back into!