Keep Your Beer Cold by Storing It in the River

Storing beer in the river might be one of the oldest camping hacks out there. It’s up there with storing beer on the porch in the winter or sticking it in the freezer for more rapid cooling. However, to successfully pull it off, it’s best to follow a few not so much “rules” but steps. 

Before we begin, just note that this technique works best with cans. Although you can use bottles, cans are preferred for obvious reasons. You don’t want to risk breaking the bottle. However, if you do use bottles, store them in some kind of porous container and/or make sure the river has a sandy bottom

The first thing you need is the right supplies, which include a mesh bag, some kind of weight, beer, and a river. Use a dishwashing bag or maybe even a laundry bag. The point is it needs to be mesh. 

Next, put your beer in the mesh bag along with the weight, which could be a rock or something — anything that’ll sink, really. After that, submerge the bag in the water. You might want to attach some string and tie it to a nearby branch or tree so it doesn’t drift away. 

Of course, it’s not always the perfect hack. And if it’s summer or a warm spring, make sure that the river water is cooler than the outside temperature. If the water is too warm, you’ll end up with warm beer. Otherwise, this is the most simple and effective way to keep your beer nice and cool without using ice!