Jaeger-UniTek Intros AquaDiverter for Flip ‘N Seal System

Jaeger-UniTek Sealing Solutions announces the new AquaDiverter for use in combination with its’ Flip ‘N Seal sealing system in RV slideout rooms, according to a release. 

 According to Kyle Upp, Jaeger-UniTek RV market manager, “many OEM customers have converted to Jaeger’s patented, integrated, one-component slideout sealing system that improves installation assembly operations, reduces SKUs and required floor storage space and, ultimately, eliminates slideout room leaks. Our system has been adopted at such a rapid rate over the past two years during the pandemic that our customers began to ask us to invent a novel ‘corner cup’ which effectively directs water from our seal to the exterior of the vehicle. It was a natural extension for our engineering team to invent the AquaDiverter which is designed to perfectly mate geometrically to our slideout seal for a seamless transition.” 

Jaeger-UniTek company officials confirmed that the AquaDiverter (patent pending) will be on display — along with their full range of integrated, one-component slideout seals — at the Elkhart RV Open House Sept. 26-30. 

“Our experience in evaluating, testing and specifying proven engineered thermoplastic polymers for automotive sealing applications significantly contributes to our team’s ability to create new RV sealing technologies for water management applications,” added Jason Cackley, Jaeger-UniTek lead application engineer. “This expertise, combined with our RV Flip ‘N Seal product line, played a significant role with inventing the AquaDiverter. Some novel design examples include the use of stiffening ribs for increased flexural modulus to withstand demanding loads and impacts, while creating a ‘water-less’ cup by incorporating a sloped bottom surface and ‘water troughs’ for efficient water management. Of course, our customers really appreciate that we created an angled lip to mate seamlessly to Jaeger’s unique bottom pan geometries for sole source responsibility for their RV slideout room sealing.” 

Jaeger-UniTek Sealing Solutions, Inc. is an engineered rubber and thermoplastic profile extrusion manufacturer serving automotive, industrial and recreational vehicle industries. Jaeger-UniTek is a member of the Jäger Group, a global organization, headquartered in Hanover, Germany and is a fourth-generation, privately held corporation. 

Source: https://rvbusiness.com/jaeger-unitek-intros-aquadiverter-for-flip-n-seal-system/